This is changing my mornings

Are you a morning person? I want to tell you that I am, but my family would tell you otherwise. I am a morning person . . . if I […]

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How Well Do You Manage Stress & Overwhelm?

Feeling stressed these days? It feels like a pointless question because I already know the answer. Everyone experiences stress and overwhelm. The question is how well do you handle it? […]

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Introducing my New Book

Hello La La Lovely Friends, It’s been a hot minute! And it’s been a busy year. I’ve put all of my time and efforts into writing my new book, podcasting […]

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Favorite Things 2020

Did you know I have a podcast? You can listen here. I’m just wrapping up Season 1 and in the final episode, I’m sharing my favorite things of 2020 (along […]

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3 Everyday Beauty Products I’m Loving

Sometimes it’s the little things that can brighten up our day, right? And far be it from me to hide the fact that a new little lipstick can bring me […]

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Trina McNeilly

Trina McNeilly is a writer and founder of La La Lovely, where she has been blogging for nearly a decade. With an eye for beauty, Trina finds inspiration in styled spaces, other times in the broken places and everywhere in between. Through soulful writing in the voice of a trusted friend she shares her finds and all about being found.


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