A Little of This and That…

I hope your weekend is filled with a little of this and and a little of that.  Mine is going to be filled with anything but that.  
My weekend and upcoming week is going to be busy, busy busy!  Pre-school graduation today (do all pre-school’s have graduation?).  My most creative and inspiring sister’s college graduation from the Art Institute tomorrow in the city.  A wedding on Sunday (And I’m hoping to sneak a few hours in at the local Flea Market.  I never been, which is sad, so this is really exciting to me!)  Next Saturday I’m leaving on a trip to England with some friends (I’ll be writing more about that next week) so there is many errands to be done, loose ends to be tied up and a lot of preparation!  It’s an exciting time but a very busy one.
Happy restful and relaxing weekend to you friends!
PS- images are from a store called Maison Reve (which translates to dream home in French-ahhh)! I discovered this over at sfgirlbybay.  If you haven’t read her post yet or checked out the stores online selection, you’ll want to!  I’m itching to go to San Francisco just to visit this store!


  • aimee
    Commented on May 16th, 2008 at 1:13pm

    My dearest sister, we are so tied, more then you realize. Today upon viewing your blog, I was brought to great joy. You see, in my film(that never seems to be able to get done), there is a shot just like the one you have here with the pink boots. but my boots are yellow and they are in front of the farm house. I just wanted to share that with you. I know it’s small, but thats where we see His detailed plans right before our eyes.
    Yes it is busy, good thing your a busy beaver and not a dirty gopher.
    Luv ya beav

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