I had the best facial the other day.  And the thing of it is, I don’t even like facials.  I’m the one that will always opt for a massage.  Every facial I’ve had in recent times has not only not been very relaxing but has actually hurt.  As in, face on fire kind of pain.  Well, the other day spa history was made in my life.  I had a facial.  I enjoyed it.   And I saw some pretty immediate benefits.  Usually the only immediate benefits of a facial is a breakout, right?  Well, it’s been a few days and no break outs.  Only super soft glowy skin and an itch to get another facial.

Have you ever heard of Darphin?  I had heard of it but had no idea the extent of products and magic potions + lotions and just how great they really feel.  Darphin was started in France and stands behind the thought that that your face is a mirror to what is happening on the inside.  Isn’t that so the truth?  I love their take and philosophy on customizing a skincare plan for the individual [customize your plan h e r e ] and I think the application drawings for each product are brilliant.

I now have a pretty long wish list of Darphin products, including another facial.  My friend tells me she is pretty much obsessed with the Organic Aromatic Purifying Balm + the Hydra Skin Intensive Skin – Hydrating Serum.

If you are a local reader you can visit The Experience for a Darphin facial and a number of lovely products that will make you look and feel gorgeous.

Best yetThe Experience is offering 20% off all Darphin products through the month of September.

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  • paula
    Commented on September 21st, 2011 at 4:02pm

    sounds perfect!

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