fa la la {Little Gifts}

1Doily Bowl by Soda-Pop Design | 2Soap Bombs from Lucky Kids |
Glitter Globe by Camille Styles|

Hi Lovelies.  I’m sorry I’m a little scattered this week.  I’m working away trying to get all my Christmasy stuff done.  Everything, except for my advent calendar that is.  The giant branch I was going to use was in my kitchen for like 4 days and has now made its way back to the garage.   I think I’m just gonna have forget about it this year and even more so I’m going to have to be ok with that.  Our very non-hand made one will have to do this year.  But speaking of Advent Calendars, this one is like pretty brilliant and totally easy peasy.  Maybe I should take this one on?  Ok.  I’ll stop.

And although making things may not be on my agenda this year (sigh) maybe it is on your agenda?  If so, I like these 3 ideas very much.  They are pretty simple.  Which is what I am for these days and they are perfect for kids to make.

Are you making anything special this year or have you seen any brilliant DIY things around the inter web [again I’m behind on this too… having Pinterest withdrawals, actually].

images | Camille Styles | Soda-Pop Design | Pinterest |



  • Miz.November
    Commented on December 8th, 2011 at 9:37am

    Don’t fret about the advent calendar. You have enough on your plate already.
    I actually have been making fabric covered button earrings for all the ladies in my family for Christmas. I am using vintage fabric that came out of my grandmother’s collection. I’m hoping they go over well with the girls.

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