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I’m thrilled to feature Jora of Domestic Reflections this week.  I love getting a peek into Jora’s life, which includes her 3 beautiful children, C-Man, JuJu and Little E.  I’m always ooing and awwing over the serious cuteness that are her kids over on Instagram.  And speaking of her littles, I’ve been so inspired that Jora is brave enough to take them on transcontinental flights (check out her travel advice here).  Besides traveling, Jora and her family have a fabulous garden, chickens and bees all tucked away at her very gorgeous and inspiring home.   Pretty amazing.  But what I appreciate about Jora is that  although she is surrounded by beauty everywhere, it is inner beauty that radiates in her life.

Kids’ toy area.  For whatever reason, I get so much satisfaction out of sorting and getting rid of toys.  It is a bit ironic since this is the area of the house that is most certain to be destroyed in a matter of minutes after I finish.  But I like staying on top of my kids’ things and (hopefully) making their space a bit more organized and beautiful and lighter feeling.  Plus, I know that my kids are more likely to play with their toys when they aren’t in a big pile.

I am a bit embarrassed to say my closet is the least likely to get cleaned and organized.  I wish I had a pretty and neat closet area but in reality, it is the one spot of the house I am most likely to just throw things on the ground and shut the door quickly before anyone sees it.  I must be OK with it that way because it never seems to change.
We try to really live this in our house.  Simplicity is the best approach to almost everything in life.
Want to know more about Jora’s mess?
Favorite bath soak → Fresh’s Rice Sake Bath
Favorite candle → Paddywax’s Raw Honey….a delightful, not too sweet scent!

Is bath time part of your relaxing ritual? And if so, does your tub or bathroom get a little messy?


  • paula
    Commented on July 30th, 2012 at 8:38pm

    I need to make this mess happen for myself. Jora is quite the beauty.

  • Doraemon
    Commented on July 31st, 2012 at 8:09pm

    Bath time is not just about relaxing. It is a way to cleanse my body, my mind, and my soul.

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