Say / Do you need a chill pill?

Say,do you need a chill pill?

I have this mind that sometimes won’t rest.  Is anyone with me?  I know we all talk about turning of the technology and working our schedule to have less of a schedule but, the truth is, when you’ve done these things, is your mind in agreement to power down for bit?  Mine?  Not so much (if I’m honest, friends).  I have been working crazy hard to get my online life overly organized, which in turn makes my regular doings more manageable (more on this, coming soon).  When I have my unconnected times in order to truly connect with my family, friends and even myself I find I’m, often, unable to just take a deep breath, relax and be in the moment.  My mind is already onto the next thing or secretly trying to work out or solve something the last thing.

At times, I think maybe this just has to do with the season that I’m in?  4 little la la’s running about, which equals a pretty big househould to manage and a constant stream of noise (and sometimes the sheer noise of 4 kids, can be extremely overwhelming.  I have to fight to even hear my own thoughts) that never lets me get into a place of quiet or that feeling where you truly let go, take a deep breath and take in whatever it is you need to take in.  But other times, I just wonder if it is my personality?  A dreamer, a doer, a make it happen (most of the time) kind of girl.  Then I’m certain that it is life’s circumstances that clutters my mind and ability to embrace inner calm.  When tough times are upon you, it’s hard to distract yourself from those circumstances and tell that subconcious to scatter.  And the conclusion is, if there is one, that it’s probably all of the above and sometimes none of the above.  I wish I had the answers but I can only offer a few suggestions, which I even offer to my searching self.

Here are a few suggestions my mind is sauntering through:

01 / Take deep breaths, seriously.  There is something in the physical act of doing this that clears out the mental clutter (oxygen to the brain is a good thing).

02 / Try to find something (an activity / hobby) that you truly enjoy and is a literal escape for you.  Sometimes, the biggest escape for me is going to the movies by myself (do you ever do this).  Yoga is also a fave of mine.  But if I’m honest, I sometimes even have to work hard to quiet my mind during yoga (deep breath, deep breath).

03 / Go with the flow – this is a super hard one for me.  If I work hard to create a schedule than I want to keep it and feel like I fail if I can’t.  But sometimes (especially) with kids, things get a little (or a lot) switched around.   If you fight against it you will only make things more stressful (note to self – re-read this).

04 / Organize – Organize your life.  The more outer clutter, the more inner clutter.  This takes a lot of work (if you want to be serious about this) in the beginning and is kind of painful but it will make the everyday smoother and sincerely, shave off minutes and hopefully even hours.  The saved time is now available to relax, unplug, unclutter your mind.

07 / Step Away – Yes, step away from the computer but also step away from your house. Because out of sight sometimes really does equal of mind.  I have this little issue where I cannot relax if I’m looking at things that need to be done.  The laundry screams at me, the computer lures me in, as I walk by, the dishes require doing and so on.  Even if it is a pain to go out (and trust me with 4 little ones it is much easier to stay home), sometimes just going for a drive, out to lunch, to the park, whatever, takes you out of your cycle of mental (and visual) clutter.

06 / Morning Person – This one pains me to write.  I am a night owl.  I stay up until – gasp – 2am, like a lot.  But in an effort to be more productive I’m working on changing my ways (even just a few days a week).  I have been getting up early to work out (also one of my favorite ways to relax – the mind, that is) and then squeezing in a few minutes to blog, write, etc. and I have to admit that my mind feels a lot clearer first thing than at the end of the day when everyone has squeezed almost all of the life out of me.

So what about you, dear reader, how do you truly relax not just in body but in mind?  Do you have certain things you do to clear the mental clutter or does it come naturally to you?  I’d love to get the conversation going and glean some wisdom and fresh ideas.  I’m all about the exchange.



  • Becca
    Commented on July 18th, 2012 at 4:29pm

    I have a hard time turning my mind off lately. One of the things that helps me is spending time with my husband just sitting together.

  • Laura Noble
    Commented on July 19th, 2012 at 7:08am

    I’m constantly fighting clutter (well, more often than not, turning my back on it because it’s a big job!). I would also love to find more time for sewing & creating to ‘recharge’ my batteries. I find that tricky with two little kids!

  • Tracey
    Commented on July 19th, 2012 at 4:42pm

    Totally with you on the last 3. I am aiming for less clutter at the moment and earlier to bed. Sometimes my friends wonder how i even function going to be so late and getting up with the kids but i just love the quiet adult time. It’s really hard to give up.

  • Lynda
    Commented on July 20th, 2012 at 12:13pm

    If I’m able to fall asleep, I find that I often wake up more refreshed. If not, I usually put on a funny or action movie – something I don’t have to think too much about. But I’m lucky now – I don’t have kids yet.

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