la la loving

Recycling wooden spoons like this.  A double dose of cute, yes?

This.  I thought I was cool (I know) because I put a swing in our living room.  Turns out a trapeze is what is really cool.  And of course, it would be in the home of Sophie Demenge, the founder of Oeuf.

Bellies and babies.  I have babies on the brain again.  And it doesn’t help when I frequent this blog.  The truth is, I do not look this good pregnant.  And the even bigger truth is I cannot handle anymore littles so I need to just admire others pregnantness and new babieness (but does anyone need help naming a baby or picking out baby clothes?)

Plants.  Always plants, but particularly on these old trays.  Such a good little grouping.

I feel like I need to catch up with you all.  Sometimes when I type I kind of feel all You’ve Got Mail + Meg Ryanish.  I like that feeling.  Ok, back to catching up… I wasn’t around on Friday to fill you in on things because we were busy filming for a super rad video for La La’s room reveal (did I mention it is going to be  super rad?).  Saturday we took photos  of the room and today I sent my 2 older la la’s off to school (1st and 4th grade to be exact).   Later this week is my anniversary and a little trip (not for the anniversary).  It’s always busy but as always I’m trying to power down earlier and read words on paper to quiet my mind and feed my soul (trying, being the key word).  And how are you lovelies?  What are you loving and how do you fare this week?

xo . t



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