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Have you met Colleen of Inspired to Share?  If not, let me be the first to introduce you.  I’ve met Colleen in person twice now, first at ALT and again this summer at a Blogshop video class.  I’ve been reading Inspired to Share for awhile now and chatting with Colleen on Twitter since we met last winter.  I’ve really enjoy reading Colleens posts (think pretty creative collages, yummy recipes and inspiration on business in the creative world) and I always love reading a blog when I know the author is genuinely the real deal….creative, smart and most of all sweet, and Colleen is just that.

I have to admit I’m kind of a neat freak, but there’s nothing I hate more than a dirty kitchen. Our kitchen is the one room that I can’t budge on leaving messy. I’ve got a routine and I generally try to clean up right away after making a mess (I despise dishes in the sink) in addition to clean the kitchen at the end of every night. It’s amazing how something as simple as waking up to a beautiful clean kitchen every day can impact my daily happiness!

When it comes to my workspace, I have to let myself be ok with making a mess. It’s how creativity shines. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a project it looks like our house exploded but I’ve learned to be ok with it and embrace the chaos. In this example I was painting a tablecloth for an event and blogging from my laptop on the same table. Those are the adventures of small space living! I don’t know what I’d do without our big dining table. :)

I often remind myself to enjoy the process.  While I do prefer keeping the house neat + tidy, I’ve learned it’s important to relax and just enjoy the process. Living a creative life is much more fun and rewarding that way!

Want to know more about Colleen’s Mess? :

“just be cool” poster → the vaguely
blogshop notebook → Pinhole Press
triangle print card → Katie Wohl
glasses → Warby Parker

I think I’ve told you all that my workspace always seems to be a mess, no matter how many times I try to organize it.  I’m surrounded by little piles, as I type this.  Do you spread out when you work or do you tidy it up at the end of the day?

images Inspired to Share / Photo of Colleen by Woodnote Photography 


  • Colleen / Inspired to Share
    Commented on August 27th, 2012 at 4:17pm

    Thanks for having me, Trina!! xoxo

  • present & correct |
    Commented on August 28th, 2012 at 7:00am

    […] a new column called Monday Mess and I love the authenticity behind it. I had so much fun putting this little feature together! Read more about my mess here. And be sure to check out Trina’s […]

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