Fave Friday

Happy Friday lovely ones.  Our week looked a bit like this:

+ i’m still having fun with our Wall Dot DIY (so quick + easy)
+ a sweet glance at my oldest + and youngest.  life is spinning so fast, too fast!
+ capturing crazy colors in the sky, as well as both inside out out my kitchen window.
+ good old halloween.  this was as good as it got with a shot of all my la la’s.  now trying to ignore the candy bowl.

My to do list for the weekend is bigger than what is logical (as always).  Do you do this too?  I have things on my list that were on my list 2 weeks ago.  I have so much to get done in the next month that I’m not sure how it is going to get done but I know it will….and it is all very exciting (I can’t wait to share it with you).  But for now…here is to the weekend.  I hope you find at least an hour or two to just do nothing.

+  a few of my faves this week  +
01 /  yay for lindsay letters launching her shop.
02 / a merry mishap has several great easy DIY’s this week.  like this + this.
03 / 50% off this lovely shop today only!
04 / like graphic design?  this is a good read.
05 / this has me thinking about gift wrapping.

*Thanks Babble for featuring Ella’s Room.


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