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Happy Wednesday.  Today, Jennifer from A Merry Mishap is sharing her favorite presents.  Enjoy!

+To Give  I’m excited to give my son gifts this year. He just turned 3 and I think he’ll enjoy Christmas and gifts so much more this year than the last. I’m excited to give him a set of the white Fort Standard balancing blocks, but I know the things he’ll be most excited about is a Buzz Lightyear doll, a replica from the movie. He’s become such a fan of Toy Story recently and it’s pretty adorable.

+To Receive :  I have a few small things I’d like, not much though. One of the things I’m hoping for is another Vitriini box. I have a smaller one but I’ve been wanting a larger clear one for ages. Fingers crossed!

+Ever Gotten :  When I was little I begged my mom for this baby doll that looked realistic. It came in a tiny cloth diaper and closed eyes and it smelled like a newborn. It was so tiny and similar to a real baby, I was desperate to have it! I could imagine myself wrapping it up in a blanket and carrying it around with me. I must have asked for it a few dozen times, my parents had to no choice.  Needless to say I got the doll I was hoping for and it pretty much made my year!I’d love to hear your what you’d love to give, receive, and the best present you’ve ever gotten!

p.s. if you want to know more about Jennifer, you can check out her blog here and see her monday mess feature here.

And what about you?  What is your favorite gift from childhood?  Mine was a real cash register.



  • NancieBee
    Commented on December 5th, 2012 at 7:23am

    As a kid I don’t remember any present being AMAZING, probably because my birthday is 11 days before Christmas. If it was big I probably got it early and was told it was for both days or something. I do remember really wanting a Pebbles doll (from the Flintstones) and LOVING it. Still have that doll in fact.
    As an adult, my horse that I got for my fiftieth birthday. THAT was the childhood present I always wanted.

  • Trina
    Commented on December 13th, 2012 at 12:42am

    my sisters birthday is 5 days after christmas and i always felt bad for her because there are always a lot of combined presents. my birthday is in july and i loved it being in the middle of the year. i would have loved a pebbles doll and a horse, wow, is def worth the wait.

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