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this week, i thought i’d share some recent instagram photos.  so, how was your week everyone?  i did pretty great with my new routine, well, all the way until wednesday, at least.  it was a good start though   i was over the moon that i got up and walked on the treadmill at 6am 3x this week.

this week my life has been full with catching up with old friends and having meaningful conversations.  i treasure those talks.  the kind where you can just be you.  thoughts are shared only with ease and effort just doesn’t exist.  it’s those kind of friendships that are realer than real.  my heart is grateful.

what have you been grateful for this week?

if you are looking for more design goodness than you can also find me here:

modern shelving for the whole family  and  my tip for how to style your home this fall.

01 /  this fallen princess conceptual series is really something
02 / odd ducks, walking alone and pattern all have to do with living a creative life
03 /  sushi sandwiches for school lunches?  yes!
04 /  i’m loving this shorter hair
05 /  i really want to try this with a tree one day
06 / how were your routines this week?

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