fave friday


do you sometimes have to remember to breathe.  i do.  i mean, literally, sometimes  i catch myself holding my breath.  not good.  it’s been a week like that.  i have been scrambling to wrap up details for a  fun project, coming up, next week.  i also spent an entire day at ikea wrestling with several boxes that are bigger than me.  and, let’s just be honest, i was in tears before leaving that big blue building (has this happened to you too?).  needles to say, i did survive, albeit with a few bruises and a fresh commitment to myself not to go it alone again (unless i’m there to wander + buy jars and frames and such).  and hey, i can’t wait to tell you about this project.  in fact, one of my faves (and probably yours too) is flying in to collaborate.  still lots to this weekend to prep but everything seems to at least be in place and that puts me in a much better place.

and how are you? was your week crazy, exciting, busy, stressful or maybe restful or even boring?

i like to hear about days that are filled with nothingness.  because sometimes those are the days that are filled with the most.  the things that matter the most.  the things that change us the most.  the the things we remember the most.  i even relish a few hours spent in most kind of moments.  i’ll be doing my best to find these moments and take those hours.  actually, i’m finding that sometimes we are in them and  not even aware of it.  and maybe awakening to awareness is where it’s at?



i found myself in a most kind of moment last night.  i should have been washing the dishes, but i sat down to visit with my dad, and forgot all about that dirty pile of splattered spaghetti.  after he left, the little ones were crawling on me, snuggling with me + bringing their favorite books over for a look.  i almost jumped up in haste to stick to the race of routine and get the kitchen shiny clean + the little ones rushed off to bed, but i didn’t.  i savored the snuggling, captured the giggles and tucked away the twinkle i saw dancing in their eyes.  not every night is like this.  but, maybe they don’t have to be, as long as i can steal the moments when they are there for the taking.

01 /   totally crushing on michelle, land of nod’s managing editor’s, colorful home in HGTV mag.
02 /  a weekend playlist that i’m looking forward to.
03 / a workout tip,  for your hair.
04 /  if you need to shake up your shake routine.
05 /  have updated your iphone?  i’m going to use this wall-paper.
06 / i’m always wondering which coconut water is the best.  i wonder no more.


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