Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards via La La Lovely

Do you do Christmas cards?  This year we did our cards with Pinhole Press.  This is the first year I’ve done cards with them, but I’ve always been so happy with any and everything I’ve ordered from Pinhole.

We snapped some pictures of our wild brood and I knew I wanted to keep the look and layout simple, this year.  So instead of choosing a card with a lot going on, I opted to be kind of playful with our photo. The baby boys look like little wild cubs (and pretty much act like little wild cubs most of the time too).  I’m kind of obsessed with their lion hats (to say the least).

Christmas Cards via La La Lovely

And speaking of Christmas cards, one of my holiday traditions has to do with them.  Every year while filing out my Christmas cards I watch Little Women.  I found myself doing this a couple of years in a row and deemed it my own little personal tradition….And now I look forward to watching and writing every year.

Christmas Cards via La La Lovely

If you haven’t ordered any cards yet, check out Pinhole Press and if you are all about a good pen… this is the one i’m loving at the moment.


merry christmas!

Merry Christmas lovelies.  I wish I could personally send you all a card.  These are our Christmas cards, which are also a very very late birth announcement for Rocco Royal.

Can you believe Christmas is really upon us?  I wish to report that I am just lounging about watching holiday movies but I’m still baking and wrapping and then it goes straight into cooking.  But I’m determined to squeeze in a few movies in the midst of these holiday musts.  I’m casting my cares to the wind and am determined to do my best to be in the moment and enjoy each little moment.

I hope you have the merriest Christmas.  That your day is filled with love and light and many good things.  I’m going to be taking a bloggy break this coming week to spend time with my family.  I will see you all back here in the New Year.  And whether you celebrate New Years in a big or small way I hope your New Year is shiny and bright and most of all NEW!

Thank you for reading along this year and joining in on conversations, commenting on posts, and just being lovely.  I’m truly thankful for all of you!



Christmas Traditions

Do you have any Christmas traditions?  I can’t say that we have any major ones around here.  I’m hoping to start a few in the coming years the la la’s are getting a little older.  One little tradition that I have, which just kind of came to being, is that every year while filling out my Christmas cards I watch Little Women.  Yesterday, was my day and the best part was that Elle wanted to help me and watch along too [I get very excited at thought of her being the age where she can read and watch some of the classics that are so near and dear to me].  It’s something so very simple and really everydayish but now we can do it together and I think it will be one of those things that she will carry with her as a strong little memory.  The kind that warms your heart on a very cold day.  The kind that makes you take on traditions of your own with your own one day someday.

Another thing we do every year is partake in chocolate croissants on Christmas morning.  After traveling to Paris, and having major with drawls, I tried out Williams Sonoma chocolate croissants and let me tell you they do not dissapoint.  I highly recommend if your looking for a little splurge.  Last year, I skipped out on them and it felt like something was missing.  So I’m pretty sure it is indeed a tradition in our home.

There are other little things that seem to happen year upon year, certain music, food and the order of events.  Even just opening presents is done quite differently in every home.  I was one of “those” that got up at 6am every year, even as a teenager, and forced everyone out of bed.  I remember waiting for my dad to make coffee was like pure torture.  Then we tore into our gifts, leaving our stockings last.  Best for last that is.. they were always my favorite.

One tradition we are starting to implement is to help another family in need.  We have done this sporadically in the past but are ready to be a little more consistent.  Although the method may change from year to year the act of helping others is something we are committed to doing.

What about you?  Do you have any traditions that you grew up with?  Are you creating any new traditions with your very own family?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Oh, and as for this very interesting ugly cute Santa and Rudolph made of dough,  He has been with me since I was a kid.  Every year my husband kind of cringes when I pull him out.  This year I almost thought well maybe not this year, but he just kind of belongs.  And I think there are few things that ought never change.  And I have decided this is one.

more fa la la here


Holiday Cards : Minted

Since it’s all Christmas talk and Christmas to do’s one thing that is always on the list is Christmas cards. I always toy with the idea of not sending cards each year (I know what a Grinch) because sometimes that seems like an easy elimination in order to roll away some of the stress.
I am here to say that after my fairly recent introduction to MINTED. How could I ever do that?
I promise they have the most lovely Christmas Cards out there. I was able to review their cards and let me tell you they are pretty much perfect. Quality paper. Adorable but sophisticated designs. And they don’t miss a detail. Even the envelopes brag of a little pizazz.
I’m kind of head over heels for the ones that Paula from Two Ellie did (as I am with most the things she does)
So here is one thing to check off the list.
Where to get Holiday cards this year.
Check. Check.
Now if I could have someone come to the house to do hair and makeup and take a drop dead gorgeous photo.
Check. Check. Check.
images . me . twoellie .

Christmas & Such

Do you have you’re tree up yet? I do, but like every year I’m sad to confess that I’m not crazy about the way that it looks. I’ve always flipped flopped between fun tree or pretty tree. I haven’t quite figured out how to combine the two. Have you? Have you seen any great photos out there?

I’m loving these big paper flower pinwheel type thingies. No idea how to make them. Maybe Belinda knows? She is the craftiest and today she’s posted a how to for a super cute wreath made from book pages.

Part of the problem is I’m so over my tree skirt and stockings. Too matchy matchy and formal for me.
And speaking of pretty and fun combined. I think if anyone can pull this off it’s Meg. I really hope she posts pictures of her tree this year (like soon). I’ve always wanted stockings like hers (have you seen any? etsy maybe?) . Here are few of her past holiday decorations that now have me wanting to go the flea market this weekend.
I’m always a sucker for anything using a tree branch

And this might be my favoritest (i know it is not a word but it should be) idea for the year. I don’t have a staircase but if you do…please do this for me!
Did you go shopping on Black Friday? I didn’t. That is so not me. I didn’t even know about Cyber Monday and am wishing I was more organized and could take advantage of some of those deals. And I’m just going to be honest. All of you out there that have you’re shopping done and you’re cards all ready to post are kind of stressing me out. I feel way behind and technically it is not even December. I’ve always been one to finish up my shopping at the last minute and wrap until 2 in the morning on Christmas Eve. Yes, I’m one of those. I blame it on my mother. Anyhow…. I’m going to try to get ahead of the game this year. Really I am. This takes strategy and decisiveness, I’m quite sure of that. So I’m blog hunting around for tips, ideas, strategies, decor ideas and any suggestions I might find. Can’t wait to see what you all do!!!!!
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