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urrent Skincare favorites | La La Lovely Blog

I’m always searching for products that will give my skin a tall drink of water.  I tend to be a bit on the dry side and since winter is somewhat eternal, here, I rely heavily on good skincare.  I love trying new products and I’m totally committed to a few tried and trues.  I thought I’d share from both categories, today, along with my current morning and evening skincare routine.

urrent Skincare favorites | La La Lovely Blog

I’m always searching for products that will give my skin a tall drink of water. I tend to be a bit on the dry side and since winter is somewhat eternal, here, I rely heavily on good skincare. I love trying new products and I’m totally committed to a few tried and trues. I thought I’d share from both categories, today, along with my current morning and evening skincare routine.

I’ve been mixing it up and trying different combinations of moisturizers and serums, recently.  One day this and another that.  I’m sure there is a more proven way to test a product, but this seems to be how I start out.  If I don’t like the feel or the smell then I usually can’t continue on.

I love makeup, but don’t like to wear a ton.  I’d rather slather on skincare then cake on the makeup.  This is my everyday look.

urrent Skincare favorites | La La Lovely Blog

So let’s talk about the products that are currently in my regime . . .

Current Skincare favorites | La La Lovely Blog

I’m 100% obsessed with Charlotte’s Magic Cream.  I watched her tutorial and, and then wanted to try it badly.  Even, if that just meant at the Nordstrom counter.  It’s a little pricey, but since it was Christmastime when I tried it, I got it as a gift.  The cream smells heavenly, like I can’t wait to open my jar each night and just smell it.  This never happens for me.  I’m so picky about scents.  It is a heavier cream, but it feels almost whipped.  I try my best to make products like this last a very long time, and I did just that.   This cream got me through a sub-zero winter with supple skin.  So it is magic as far as I’m concerned.  I had to have another jar, so I waited until my birthday and it may make my Christmas list again.  It’s good stuff.

The two products I’ve been in search of are a good day time moisturizer and a serum.

I’ve been using Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum for over a year now, and every single time I stop using it my skin flakes out.  Literally.  I’m convinced Vitamin C for the skin is necessary.  At least for my skin.  I usually use this in morning before my moisturizer, but I’m trying it at night time, now.

If you like skincare then you are probably familiar with an ingredient called hyaluronic acid.  I’ve been reading over and over again about it’s benefits and thought I’d like to somehow incorporate it into my routine.  I read an article on Into The Gloss that had me pining to try Pestle and Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  I ordered the serum which showed up, on my door step, in two days time, all the way from Ireland.  I’ve been using it in the morning and it is lovely.  It’s a perfect serum for morning time and a great primer for makeup.  It’s simple and simply amazing.  So far I’m la la loving it.

The moisturizers I’m going back and forth on in the mornings are Belif True Cream Moisturizing Balm and Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer.  They are really different.  Belif’s is thick and dense and on the downside a tad tacky.  Glossier’s is light and maybe not quite moisturizing enough for my skin.  But, it is perfect if you are following with a tinted moisturizer.  I think Belif will be great for winter time around here.

I’ve also been playing around with Josie Maran’s Pure Argan Oil.  Sometimes using that at night in place of my magic cream.  And, I like it.  It was an impulse purchase in line at Sephora.  I kind of love the small travel / trial size products because they are affordable when you to try something out.  I’ve been wanting to try an oil forever, but many are so spendy and are said to stink, so I just wasn’t sure about commiting.  Have you tried oils for moisturizing your face?  What have you found?

This week I’m trying the products like this, and so far, so good.

1 / Hyaluronic Serum
2 / Glossier Priming Moisturizer
3 / Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue – I adore this stuff.
4 / Makeup

1/ Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Cleansing Oil – Love this lovely smelling cleanser and I’m almost out.
2/ Truth Serum
3 / Aragan Oil
4 / Eye cream – using whatever samples I have at the moment.  Do you have a fave?

* On relaxing nights I love using Glossier’s Moisturizing Moom Mask.  I need to be using it about once a week.

What are some of your tried and trues for moisturizing?

And, when I’m stumped, I usually tend to revert back to Estee Lauder.  It’s a decent price point and has always worked well for me.


wear it * an organic face


there are so many things i love about blogging, but one, as i’ve told you before, is connecting with so many great people who are doing some pretty amazing work in all kinds of industry.

a few years back i connected with elizabeth dehn of beauty bets.  she knows her products . . . and well, you know i love beauty products.  not only does elizabeth know products, but she develops them. recently, she shared with me her latest collaboration with one love organics, which i was eager to learn about.  i was already a fan of elizabeth’s products and had been wanting to try one love organics forever.


i’ve been using the vitamin b cleansing oil + makeup remover and the vitamin d time release mist  and guess what lovelies?   i’m hooked!  you know i only share things i love and i la la love elizabeth’s latest products for one love (and can we talk about the packaging?  it makes me really happy to look at too).  i’m telling you the absolute truth when i say that i look forward to washing my face every night.  and this is BIG for me.  the face wash is so moisturizing and basically smells like i’m on a hawaiian vacation – which, yes, makes me want to wash my face and have a moment!



one love was sweet to send me a few extra things to try too and no surprise …. obsessed .. with it all.  if you’re looking to try a new line or have been wondering about natural products (like me) than this is a great place to start.


you can shop the products here.  your face and senses will thank me!

have you tried one love organics?  what is your fave product?


5 Face Sprays to Love + a Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love a good beauty product.  Love to research them, try them and buy them. I love to pamper myself at home or in salons, I would particularly love to go to somewhere like Rush Hair in London, that’s if I ever manage to get there for a visit.  And as of lately, my go to website is Beauty Bets.  I love to learn about the latest and the greatest and also those products that have stood the test of time.  Elizabeth, Beauty Bets author, knows her stuff.  And what is even more is that she has created her own products . . .  her very own line, By Elizabeth Dehn.  I’m pretty smitten to have Elizabeth on la la Lovely . . . sharing some of her favorites (+ a giveaway)!

. . . . . . . . .

I know exactly when my love affair with facial mists began. In middle school, my BFF Martha got an Evian Facial Water Spray in her Christmas stocking. Her mother was—and still—is one of those timeless beauties who do elegant things like buy holiday gifts at Neiman Marcus. The original face spray was a revelation. It felt so FRENCH to spritz our faces with spring water. In the 90s, when toners were all the rage thanks to Sea Breeze and Clinique’s three-step program, I went to work for Aveda and became fanatical about the Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist. It moisturized, smelled like the Curt Cobain generation (in a good way), and looked so cool on my bathroom shelf. When I became a magazine editor, a whole world of beauty products opened up to me, including a new generation of face sprays. Heavenly, hydrating things that makeup artists were using to give models’ skin a dewy finish and spa were spritzing spas throughout facials to soothe and calm complexions (Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is the bomb for this). I kept a chic-looking bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir at my desk to combat the dry cubicle air and for a quick skin pick-me-up in lieu of layering on more makeup before heading to happy hour. So smitten was I with the ritual that when I got the opportunity to create my own skincare line, BY ELIZABETH DEHN, the first product I made was a Face Spray. Yep, that’s exactly what it’s called because that’s exactly what you do with it: Spray it on your face. Anytime your skin—or your mood—needs a boost. It won’t disrupt makeup; it actually reinvigorates it. Likewise, you can spritz it on to keep powder or foundation from looking too cakey. Distilled with organic essential oils of bergamot, sweet orange, and lemon balm, it smells as juicy at it feels. And if were the kind of girl who had a motto, it would be that skin should always feel juicy!

. . . . . . . . .

Elizabeth is super generous and is offering la la readers a chance to win one of her new Face Sprays.  It’s pretty easy.  All you have to do is visit By Elizabeth Dehn, check out her new line + then head back here + leave a comment.  And for a double entry, post or tweet about the giveaway and let me know in the comments section.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced this coming Tuesday, May 31st.

Elizabeth Dehn / /



self care. skin care. take care.


yesterday i got a facial.  i got a facial with a gift card that i have been holding onto for – wait for it – 5 years.  it was given to me when i was pregnant with liam, who will be 5 in a few weeks.  i guess i didn’t want to make time for a facial – – for 5 years.

i’ve been neglecting self care, for awhile.  mostly in the form of my body.  running on fumes.  literally and figuratively.  i thought i’d get in great shape with running.  i only gained weight and lost 3 toe nails.  i did however, also gain endurance and confidence in what my body is capable of.

i have been eating not so great, for the past *cough* few years.  i like healthy food, and i do eat it.  i just haven’t been able to stomach it, all the time, really.  in general, i’ve just have been feeling kind of mehhhh and when you feel mehhh, it’s hard to break the cycle of mehhhh.

last week, after being sick for 2 weeks (and feeling super mehhhh), i told my mom i wanted to go to  nordstrom’s, just to get out and to look at some products (i’m never against a little retail therapy).  i had a few gift cards that i had been hoarding for awhile (do you see a pattern here?), and figured now would  be a great time to put them to use.  lotions, potions and makeup have always been my favorite pick me up, (after feeding my soul) when i’m not feeling like my best self.

i wanted to start with some skincare.  specially some anti-aging night cream (what is your favorite brand or product?).  i love trying new brands and i certainly mix products from different lines (my fave face wash / my fave serum), but i ended up at the estee lauder counter.  i’ve used estee lauder skincare on and off over the years (their eye makeup remover is always on my counter), and my mom has used it, regularly, over the years and her skin looks fabulous (most people think that she’s my sister or that my kids are hers – ha).  so, i always pay attention to what products work for her.  i ended up with the revitalizing night cream and eye cream, and i’m really liking it.  it has a great feel, a light smell, and a good price point.   while at the counter, aerin lauder‘s line caught my eye.  ok, well the packaging caught my eye first.  i ended up trying the bronzer, concealer, a cream blush and this lipstick (i never wear lipstick, but i’m totally loving this one.  it’s super creamy and such a delicate color.  i don’t really like to feel “done”  up, but it just made me look a bit more lively and in turn feel a bit more lively.  the blush was not a color i would usually go for with my fair skin, but it actually looks just right along the cheek bones.

i’m a huge believer that beauty comes from the inside out, but neglecting the outside never does my insides any favors.

i’ve been working from the inside out,  getting up early and spending time feeding my soul.  reading, writing, praying, thinking and just sitting in the quiet before the noise and hurry of the day.  this has done wonders for me, actually – –  exercising my soul.  but, i feel like it’s time to start taking care of the outside too.

i’m making small steps.  for me, bible reading led to bronzer and bronzer to the body (inside to out).  i signed up for the balanced life’s 4×4 pilates program.  small step.   i’m super excited, and a little nervous about it.  i did yoga this morning in my bedroom.  small step.  and, i hope to start my daily 30 minute walks again.  step, step.

self care is certainly a process and looks differently at different times in our lives.  sometimes it calls for full focus on the inside and other times on the outside.  and, yet the best balance is to nurture your body, soul (mind) and spirit.

take care, lovelies.  wherever you feel most neglected or a little starved – – take care there, first.  then the next will follow.  i’m learning as i go, right along side you.

what about you?  are you consistent with self-care?  and what is self-care look like to you?  what types of things (even products) revitalize you?  i’d love to know.

here are the products i mentioned above.  if you feel like a little color and care might lift your mood these are your products (more of my fave products here):



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