Fav Friday

We are taking outside this weekend [finally].  Don’t you love the idea of fanciful furniture outside?  I mean, it just looks like it belongs here [love that about Europe, indoor furniture does belong outdoors].

Do you have any great plans for the weekend?

Here are few of my favs of the week . . .

Basket dipping?  Yes, please!

I’d like to spend all day looking at that kind of woman.

This article is creating a lot of rucus + here is the highly talked about rebuttal.

Something tasty to make.  Just looking at this post will be enough of a sweet hit.

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Fav Friday

Well school is out, people.  I usually give out a big cheer but I have to say I’m not so sure this year.  I’m all about a slower pace and no early mornings but I’m a little nervous about 4 little la la ‘s all day, all the time (just being honest).  Here is what I have to do, L E T
G O a little bit.  I’m looking to find my inner teenager and embrace a bit of a mess. To choose fun over formal and mess over stress.  Seriously.  I’m really going to try to embrace peace over perfecting pieces in my home.  This will be a one day at a time thing for me but it’s on my mind

Here are few of my favs of the week . . .

Just what I needed to read + what I will re-read.  It will make you want to fly your freak flag a little more, too.

A very bright DIY

Big way to cover your walls

And don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!


Fave Friday

Fave Friday cat

52 List Project

52 List Project

A few fave things /

1 / Theo the  cat.   Theo gave us a real scare and went missing on Sunday.   Or, I should say, never came back on Sunday.  If he gets out he loves to stay out all night and then always returns between 5-7am.  He didn’t on Sunday.  I was so worried about him and couldn’t bare the thought of him not coming home.  He was a gift a few years back at Valentines day and honestly the sweetest gift I’ve ever received.  He came with the name Theo, which means, Gift of God and I decided to keep it because that is just what he was.  Tuesday, I decided to go over to animal services (the pound) and see if he might be there and he was.  Apparently, he got picked up on Saturday morning only 2 streets over (maybe someone doesn’t like cats?).  I was so relieved.  He is home where he belongs and I’m trying to keep in as long as I can.

2 / The 52 List Project.  This weekly listing journal, by Moorea Seal, is so cool.  I’m a huge fan of journaling as I’ve been taking paper to pen since elementary school and I’m excited to add this to my ritual.  The journal is absolutely gorgeous (pretty photos and illustrations).  It’s divided into seasons and then weeks.  Each week you are asked to list something.  For instance, “List all of the people who brighten your day.”  And, at the bottom of the page there is a “take action” suggestion.  Since I’m all about journaling, listing and visual inspiration, I’m all about this project.  I can’t wait to get started!  This would make a super sweet Christmas gift.  The journal starts in the winter season, so it’s perfect.  I just might be ordering a few to give myself (order here).

I guess my other fave this week is Christmas.  I won’t get into it since my other posts this week were all about that (if the holidays are more hard than happy read this and if you like simple DIYs for holiday decorating read this).

Well, I’m putting Christmas on hold for today as I’m off to do some Thanksgiving shopping for thirteen out of town guests that arriving on Monday.

Happy weekend, lovelies!



Fave Friday / Art

Naptime Diaries | La La Lovely Blog

Happy Friday, lovelies.

Fridays are always great for sharing a favorite!

And, this week, pretty art is my favorite.  This gorgeous, colorful, piece is by Naptime Diaries.  Honestly, I’ve been a Naptime Diaries fan for awhile now, following them on Instagram and keeping up with their work, which is both gorgeous and meaningful.

I was super excited about this addition because my favorite pieces in my home are  . . .



ones that are meaningful.  Whether the item evokes a precious memory from days gone by, inspires me today, or encourages me into my tomorrows, those decor items don’t just decorate my home, they decorate my life.

I was attracted to this particular piece because I love the colors and the grounding black, but mostly because it is a painted prayer…. “Give Us More Faith.”  I could use more faith.  Couldn’t we all?  More faith to believe for change.  More faith to trust.  More faith to rest and be encouraged that all things will work together for the good.  This particular pieces is from a series called Paint My Prayers.  What a cool concept.

Have More Faith #Art | La La Lovely Blog

I love the modern art with mixed with the vintage floral pieces.  I’m getting better at moving things around and switching things up in my house, so I’m not sure if this will be it’s permanent resident.  But, for now, it’s just so happy in our family room where we hang out and can be reminded, daily, to ask for more faith.

What is your fave this week?

Happy weekend!

P.S.  Shop the look:

Painted Prayer ART here.



Fave Friday

Nespresso Pixie Clips | La La Lovely Blog

They Grow Stronger and Stronger With Every Step Forward

Ice Cream Cone Pool Float

A few fave things /

A few fave random things I should say . . . but, isn’t that life?  Life can be so routine and so random, all at the same time!

1 / Nespresso’s new Pixie Clips.  I never knew I’d love espresso, but I do.   This little machine is fun because you can change out the side panels for different designs.  And, their new espresso flavors are as good as their design, too.  Bring on the busy weekend with a little shot of caffeine.

2 / Growing stronger and stronger with every step forward.  I absolutely love this verse.  I wrote more in depth about it on Instagram, which you can read here.  But, in short if you are going through a major struggle, don’t let it swallow you, just keep moving.  Be a person that digs deep in the midst of pain.  Take that step today.   It only has to be one step…and with it will come strength.  Have a good cry 💦 because God bottles every single one of your tears and from that bottle, makes a brook of blessing 💗!  You are so loved and every detail of your life matters to God.

3 / Saying Goodbye to Summer.  It truly felt like the last week of summer and I’m finally coming to terms with it.  We had a good swim on Monday and waved goodbye.  I am bummed that I forgot to head to my favorite Ice Cream Shop before it closes for the season, but I’ll survive.  Hello fall!

Do you have any favorites this week?

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