Glitter Boots

boots | jeans | shirt | watch | necklace (similar to shown)

Do you wear boots in the summer?  I really haven’t in the past.  It all started with these boots and after seeing them, I knew this was all about to change.  The glitter boots were way out of my price range but since we are talking glitter, shine and shimmer, here, a little magic happened and a dear reader e-mailed me (love my readers) and sent me some links to some similar boots being sold in Australia.  Add another drop of glitter and a little more magic happened in that my sweet Aussie friend had a relative traveling this way who so kindly escortated my shiny little shoes across the sea for me.  So that is the story of my glitter boots.  I like them much better knowing that they have already been on a journey.

I wore my shiny shoes for the first time last week to the Coldplay concert (which Oh my gosh, was amazing).  I liked the idea of pairing them with something simple.  I think next I’ll try them with a skirt or dress.  What about you, dear reader, do you wear boots in the summer time?  If so, what do you like to wear them with?  And what type of boots do you like to wear in the warmer weather season?


vacation style

vacation style_La La Lovely

vacation style 2_La La Lovely

vacation style 4

vacation style 3_La La Lovely

1 / *cardigan 2necklace 3 / t-shirt 4 watch 5 / leggings 6 / *boots  / skirt

hi lovelies.  i thought i’d share an outfit that i wore on vacation (this was for going out to dinner, the rest of the time consisted of comfy clothes).  as i’ve said before, i always overpack and sadly this is a hard habit to break.  the pieces in this outfit are great for traveling because, you could just throw in a pair of jeans, a blazer, maybe a printed skirt and one other pair of flats or sandals and you’d have a perfect weekender all filled up.

so tell me, are you an efficient packer?  and what do you like to wear on vacation?

more on clothes + glitter boots!

* similar to shown


Fave Friday

It’s Friday.  I just like saying that.  I really do.  I’ve decided to take Fave Friday a bit of a different route at least for the time being (we will see how it goes).  I’m going to share some shots from our week.  And in keeping with the idea of it being Friday and about favorites, I thought why not share a few of my favorite things that happened during my week.  Real life things.  And speaking of things, the thing of it is, as much as I want to do most of my posts on things, lovely things to be exact, the best thing in my life is my littles and they are what make up my days and nights and there is a lot of lovely in that to share with all of you.  But the other thing is, that the every day is not always so lovely, so please don’t get the wrong idea about me.  A lot (ok, most of my days) are really hard.  Four kids is a lot of work and since I kind of have a thing for order and organization, it is a daily battle (even if that is battle is just with myself – trying to get myself to chill out a bit).  The thing about me is, I’m certain that even in the midst of the every day and even during the hard days there is still beauty to be found, if you look for it . . . and I’m always searching around for it, trying to capture it and hold onto it.  So I’m hoping to share some of those faveorite moments.  The scenes of the everyday.  The minutes that carry the things that matter the most.  I’m hoping for a few things . . . to document more of the life we live, to get better with my camera and to provide original content that is visually inspiring.  When I take a photo, I really think about it and try not only to capture the person or the main thing but the every thing that the snap is trying to say (I have a lot of fun doing this over on Instagram).  Maybe I’ll share a story or maybe just a few simple lines about each scene that was our lives.  But I’ll also include a few of my fave links of the week like I always do because those are good and lovely things for the getting, too.

+ this week +

+ La La loves to try on my clothes.  It’s a thing.
+ Had a fun meeting in the very cool offices of Frank and Harvey.  We are cooking up a little something.
+ Gave a whole herd of dinosaurs + 3 boys a bath yesterday.  I needed Calgon to take me away after that.
+ Rocco loved my glitter boots, which I can’t wait to show you, next week.


+  a few of my faves this week  +

01 / Have you found the perfect lipstick color?  This tutorial is beyond super cute.  I want to play!
02 / Kirsten and Rachelle have done it again.  Wouldn’t you love to work in a space like this?
03 / A childrens book I want to read + a pretty cool real life room designed for this ficticous character.
04 / I seriously would be pretty happy if the outside of my house looked like this.
05 / Some super cute summer craft projects if your feeling crafty this weekend.
06 / I love what this new magazine is all about.  In fact, I need more of it in my life.  I really want a subscription.
07 / Of course Joslyn’s home is beautiful but look, it is stunning (check out the feature in Rue)!


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Fave Friday

It’s Friday.  I survived the last week of school, lovelies (with a little baby jail going on today).  But I suppose the real question is . . . will I survive the first day of summer (I’m sure I’ll let you know later today over on twitter).  Sometimes I feel really great and excited about summer break and sometimes I feel nothing short of panicky (just keeping it real).  This feeling usually changes from moment to moment (lets talk more about this next week, shall we?).  For now, I’m going to go with excited, as it is Friday, after all, and long weekend with that!

And speaking of the long weekend do you have any great plans?  I think we are just going to get a few things done around the yard.  I need to spray paint some outdoor furniture and honestly, I can’t get my mind off of this blue.  I’m thinking of spray painting our wrought iron table white and the chairs blue?

And another thing about blue, L graduated from Kindergarten last night.  Seriously, this boy could not be any cuter, he is going to be a lady killer, I’m afraid.  But besides being cute, he is, of course, one really special kid.  He is as sweet as all of the candy he tries to sneak when he thinks I’m not looking.  And speaking of candy… I think you should eat a little extra this weekend or whatever sweet it is that you like to sneak.  It is a holiday after all.  And I think with that, you just ought to pretend you are on holiday.  Yep, I wish that for you.  Happy Weekend, lovelies.  xo . t

< a F E W of my  F A V E S  this week >

01 / I just bought a chambray shirt (which I love) + am loving all of the styling ideas found here.

02 / You know I love the desert.  You too?  Totally loving the desert look in the new issue of La Petite.

03 / Trying to get better with your camera?  Same here.  A great little lesson for me + you.

04 / Remember the boots I said I wanted (not going to happen) well, check out the DIY version that I would totally try to make if I was as crafty in real life as I am in my head.

05 / Want to cook this weekend?  You could start with this and end with that.

06 / I’m loving all of the words over here.

This weeks mess is a learning studio / Somebody That I Used to Know room decor / Let’s talk about books 


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la la loving

This chair + outdoor space (I’m obsessing over the entire home)

her hair + fresh face.  gorgeous.

pencil shavings makes pretty art.

the idea of framing treasured recipes and keeping them in constant view for happy memory + reference.

this really rad paper craft (which includes a print out!).

these boots.  i know i should be looking at sandals but i’m stuck on these (no idea who they are by?)

Do you know what else I’m loving?  Today is the my last day packing lunches, this school year!  Woot.  What are you loving this week?

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