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happy spot



a few happy spots i’m loving on this thursday.  thursdays are always my most tired day.  what about you?  naturally, i’m dreaming of a space to cozy up in with a book or a movie or just the cat.

01 / this small melbourne apartment, seen on the design files, has me swooning.  especially the daybed with the beautiful artwork above and the great light fixture.  rainy day heaven!

02 / sfgirl by bay’s little closet like nook.  nooks make great happy spots + when you can mix functionality (storing clothing) with a little relaxation (bench to sit upon whilst you take off your fabulous sparkly heels) well, that just can’t be beat.

03 / it doesn’t take much to make a loungy happy spot.  a few sanded down pallets, a mattress from ikea, and some great textiles and you are set.  wouldn’t this particular spot be great for people watching?  i’d love to watch all the life living below.

have you seen any fabulous nooks or happy spots lately? 

more happy spots here.

images : the design files / sf girl by bay / looks like white


happy spots




01 / a super simple daybed (this one is actually in a garden)

02 / a chair wildly surrounded by scattered greens and stacks of books

03 / a hanging daybed in a sea of white

it’s been awhile since i’ve done a happy spots post.  while i like to have entire rooms that make me happy i find it much easier to start by making spots, nooks, corners, and areas just as i like them.  focusing on smaller spaces is much more doable for me and i find that i then sometimes come up with bigger ideas based upon one little spot.

i’d be super happy to hang out in any of these spots on a regular basis.

what spot would make you most happy this week?

images: design sponge / tokokaelo /lauren conrad


happy spots




i’m dreaming of outdoor happy spots this week.  likely, because it is the first week back in routine.

as far as i’m concerned each space is equally appealing to me.  the first gets me because it’s bohemian and pink…as you in, you can see a pink reflection in the pool pink.  however, i’m always one to find shade so i’d probably say #2 would be my pick.  and is see it is right next to the ocean.   so yes, #2 with a book please.

what about you?  which outdoor space would be your happy spot?

speaking of outdoor happy spots…i’m hoping to share photos of my outdoor space next week.

images : anna gilar / pinterest / indoors outdoors


happy spots

happy spots 3_la la lovely



01 / a bathroom with a fireplace.  let’s swoon over the old tub with a modern fixture.  i’d happily relax that chandelier on dim.

02 / a cubby that looks like your climbing out the window into a mountainous scene.  move over baby + make room for me.

03 / books to the ceiling.  and we are talking high ceilings.  i’m going to have this in my one day, some day house.

what spot would make you most happy this week?

images : family living / design files / shiny squirrel


happy spots



happy spot _La La Lovely

i call these happy spots.  i could be happy eating here.  sleeping here.  reading here.  writing here.  being here.  sometimes its the smallest spots that have the biggest impact.

do you have any happy spots in your home?  my desk and my back patio are my current happy spots.

images / pennyweight / designskool / pretty haute mess

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