La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

I should note that I’ve started doing La La Loving on my Instagram stories. It’s where I’ll give the most details, show you in person and possibly add in some extras. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the goodies (I also have a saved stories section on my profile called “lovely things” where you can reference past posts).

Firstly, Leeana Tankersley’s new Begin Again Devotional. Leeanna is truly one of my favorite authors when it comes to faith, soul care, and emotional health. Her books have helped me in my journey and she is such a fabulous writer.



Fall sweatshirts from The Lu Lu Shop! These are seriously the softest and the cutest. I’m going to be living in mine. I’m wearing this one — I love the boat neck / open shoulder. Ella is wearing the cropped hoodie!

Get $5 off when you use the CODE: LALALOVELY

My new kitchen chairs from Seats and Stools. These are the Breuer Cane chairs. You can choose the wood finish and what I love most is that you can easily order a seat replacement–which is totally fabulous when you have 4 kids (3 of them being boys!)! These were the best priced Breuer chairs that I could find and I’m really happy with the quality. Also, they come assembled which is amazing!


These words . . . sometimes we are so focused on trying to make other’s proud that we aren’t even thinking about if what we are working for or towards aligns with our own giftings and callings. Think about it!


Lastly, I’m loving Dr. Teal’s Nourishing Coconut Oil Body Lotion and this faux plant from Target! Who knew I’d be buying faux foliage after the ficus tree tragedy of the 90’s :)

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What are you are loving this week? I’d love to know!





La La Loving & A Summer Gift for You

Hi Lovely Friends!

Happy Summer . . . I have a few things for YOU!

Firstly, I want to offer you my FREE Summer Wonder Workbook.

It’s for anyone who is tired. Anyone who has lost their wonder. Anyone who wants to get comfortable with being still. And anyone who wants to have a fun, wonder-filled and restful summer. That’s you, right? It’s definitely me!

In short, it’s a 12-page workbook that will guide you in giving your soul space and rest. The workbook is full of inspiration and insight, which includes practices for rest and stillness, along with questions for introspection and personal growth.

And as a bonus, I’ve also included a super fun Summer Wonder Bucket List full of inspiring ideas for rest and fun this summer.


Simply CLICK HERE to get your FREE COPY!


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I’m trying something a little new . . .

I’m taking my La La Loving posts over to Instagram stories. It’s fun to talk about what I’m loving, at the moment, and do a bit of a show-and-tell.

All of the details will be on Instagram, but I still wanted to be able to give you, Lovely Ones, links to what I’m loving, should you want more info.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and check today’s Insta stories for more (I’ll  save as a “highlight” on my Instagram Profile, so they won’t disappear after today).

Here are the links to what I’m la la loving this week:

Charlotte Tilbury Cream Shadow in Jean

Pink Picture Frame

Two Band Espadrille Slide Sandals in Black

Adidas Cloudform sandals

Burt’s Bee’s Micellar Cleansing Towelettes

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What are you are loving this week? I’d love to know!



image Jenna Paddey Art


La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

Simple styling that really stands out.

The colors, textures, shapes and simple design is pretty perfect. I keep coming back to this image. You can see the rest of the home, here.

Shopbop’s Buy More Save More Sale

I always love to find a few things for spring during this big seasonal sale. Sunglasses. Floral Dresses. Sandals. Spring Knits (so much lilac goodness–oh gosh, the scent of a blooming lilac bush is my favorite). This time, I’m picking out a yoga mat, and hopefully a pretty gold necklace.

Check out a few of my fave picks below.

PS – Use Code:GOBIG19

The in-between.

Ok, I don’t always love the in-between–but I’m learning too. It’s where life is lived, and like these beautiful, honest words state, it’s where growth lives. I adore the idea of not “being in” a season of becoming. But rather, “being a season of becoming.” Let us always become.

Banoffee Pie Chia Pudding

Banoffee Pie Chia Pudding.

Have you ever had Banoffee Pie? Much to my delight, I happened upon it in a Pub in England, circa 1995. It felt like a great discovery and to this American it was. My English friends were kind enough to share a recipe and I’ve been making the British pie ever since. Lately, I’ve been making far more chia pudding then, pie…I cannot wait to pair the two together. Here’s my fave way to make chia pudding.

Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie.

Are you a Joanna Gaines fan? It seems everyone is, these days. I enjoy perusing her section at Target, just as much as the next person, but this–this–is more up my alley. These pillows are just so pretty (the rugs and wallpaper are especially lovely).

PS- Don’t forget to grab yourself a candle–you know which one!)!


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What are you are loving this week? I’d love to know!




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La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

My Bramwell Brown Weather Clock. This is perhaps the coolest clock, I’ve ever seen. A clock with a barometer, to be exact. These classic and whimsical clocks work as all clocks do, however this one happens to have storybook-like illustrations of weather scenes (think sunny, rainy, stormy, change and very dry) that rotate based upon the barometric pressure. Not only do I like the clocks, I’m quite fond the British-based company–founded by a brother and sister team–and their great customer service.

I’m looking to live a little more analog this year, and my magical clock is the perfect first step in that direction.

A fireplace in the kitchen. Everything about this Edwardian English Kitchen, is simply lovely, but a hearth by the table–what could be better? Maybe, a big bookcase in close proximity. You can bet I’ve got this marked down for my one-day-some-day-house.

A craft, I think, even I could manage.  Simply, order the rainbow frame and wrap or weave or macrame. I could handle wrapping, like this. You too? And, anyways, I’m very much into rainbows . . .  child of the 80’s, and all that.

Abstract Painting Chocolate Cake. So cool, right? I definitely want to try decorating a cake like this! And again, I think I could manage. Perfection, need not apply. Also, this color combination is a current fave of mine.

This reminder. My mom dropped some words of wisdom on me the other day (which I shared here) that are helping me, on my continual journey, to stay put in today and to trust that God will supply what I need, when I need it (even the wisdom to know what to do–we don’t need all at once).

A childlike dinner plate. Seriously, these plates by La Boos, are serious fun. They separate different food groups and help with portion control (each section is labeled with a food group). I bet you are wondering what category the chocolate and cheese fall under? It’s called “favorites” … so it totally made sense to me. This was a snacky- Saturday, lunch, which did help me to portion my picking. I like to use this plate at lunch time for variety and fun.

Quick, fun, informative e-mails–I love those.

Here’s the thing, no one wants more mail in their inbox, unless it’s fun mail (I mean it works the same with our good old-fashioned mailbox at the end of the drive). Getting bills–not so fun. Junk mail–ughhh!!! A letter from a friend—bliss! There are a few e-mails that arrive in my inbox each week that I, absolutely, look forward to. I don’t view them as newsletters, because they feel rather personal and simple– a welcome break from shiny photos and endless scrolling. Rather, I enjoy the words (along with a few links) that catch me up on their lives and work along with ideas, encouragement, informative articles and, maybe a few favorite finds.

I like that kind of mail.

I figured you might too.

So, I’m starting The Weekly— a quick 5 things to know 
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What are you are loving this week? I’d love to know!


La La Loving

Here’s what I’m la la loving this week . . .

Hanging Floral Arrangements. I can’t get enough of them. If I was hosting Thanksgiving I’d want a set up just like this one (arrangement by Old Slate Farm). I love the simplicity of the table and the drama dangling from above.

Are you entertaining this year? I always like to add a little entertaining item to my collection when hosting is on the agenda.

These words by Morgan Harper Nichols (I heart her work). By now, you know that I’m all about looking for beauty at all times, in all places.

The interesting thing is that much of life is waiting, yet much of waiting is life. It’s easy to be in a season of waiting and not fully engage in life because you feel in-between. In-between here and there. In-between grief and hope. In-between sorrow and joy. But in-between grief there is hope. In-between sorrow there is joy. A full life in the emptiest of places (Isaiah 58). I want to cling to joy. To look for the light. To live in the waiting.

A great way to practice engaging and participating, fully, in our lives is to be grateful. And, a great way to practice gratitude is to journal–to take the time to list the gifts we have been given.

I created a beautiful Gratitude Journal (sneak peek below) so that we could all practice, together.

If you haven’t gotten your FREE COPY,  you can download it here.

Tortoise Earrings

Statement Earrings. And at the moment tortoise earrings to be exact. I’m not the best at changing out my jewelry, but when I do, it’s usually earrings! This probably has something to do with being a child of the 80’s (and maybe my penchant for tortoise hoops too). Speaking of earrings, these sparkly stars are perfect for the holidays.

Slow Saturday morning breakfasts. Life has been major hectic in our house–so we live for slow Saturday mornings and a hearty homemade breakfast. This Blueberry Coconut Baked Oatmeal  is on my list to try next. We love oatmeal and crumbles and this recipe (packed with fiber) looks the perfect combo.

A good hat. I’ve been wanting one like this for ages, but never seem to commit. And, now that my hair is shorter, I’ve really had my doubts. That is until I just saw this grey hat (similar to shown) on a girl with shorter hair–so fun. Speaking of hats, I’ve also really been loving my pink beret.

PS- It’s that time of year of where Gift Guides abound on the interwebs. I’m working on compiling one. Is there anything, in particular, you are looking for or that you’d love to see?

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What are you are loving this week? I’d love to know!



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