living room + a new sofa


i haven’t done a post on my living room since i’ve updated it and wanted to share the completed look.  this room has always been an incomplete catchall for me.  it’s usually a mix of hand me down pieces, blog project pieces and pieces i find on the side of the road (i’m not even kidding).

i knew the first thing that had to go was my hand me down sofa (cannot believe i just linked to that old of a post- you’ll laugh).  the sofa set that started in this house when my parents lived here.  it moved with me to the suburbs and then returned back to it’s original home.  kirsten made me get rid of this particular sofa set in my family room last year and so logically i just moved it into the living room.

so the sofa was the first thing to go and the first thing i needed to get to start pulling the room together.  i knew the sofa would have to either be exceptionally large or a sectional.  after some deliberation, i decided a sectional would fill the space and seat my family best.  i found the perfect one from smart furniture.  we picked the jane bisectional sofa in totem storm.


i love this sofa because the chaise lounge attachment can change from right to left facing in a jiffy (i can swap it around all by myself).  it’s such a sturdy piece (and, i can vouch for this as my kids have been jumping on it for a few months now) and the color is great with little ones too.





next, i re-arranged a few things, added some pretty plants, i incorporated a few new pieces and made the above shelf (DIY coming soon), and a fun yarn wall art piece for above the pretty new sofa (DIY here).



i’m really pleased with the look and just so happy to have this room feel put together.

see the rest of my home and more of this room on my home tour on style me pretty, as well as a source list for this room.

all photographs by yazy jo photography.

post in collaboration with smart furniture.  as always, all opinions are my own.


my living room / land of nod

living room_lalalovely

living room 2_lalalovely

living room 7_lalalovely

living room3_lalalovely

living room 5_lalalovely living room 6_lalalovely

living room 4_lalalovely

so this week, i’m sharing more detailed photos of my living room, which you may have seen in the Land of Nod catalog.  before we go any further….did you see the video? i’m a little in love with it.   i’m still a rather overwhelmed by the response and all of  the lovely notes i have been receiving (and if you have e-mailed me with a question, i promise i will get back to you).  thank you all so much for your kind words.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of resources :

paint /  winter wheat by benjamin moore / inner child by sherwin williams (above fireplace) . . . great name for our playful room, right?
chairs /  both vintage finds
disco ball / flea market find
chests / circulation chest
art / land of nod (with the exception of the mosaic – DIY coming tomorrow)
mirror / the mirror lady
rugs / land of nod
couch / crate and barrel
coffee table /  crate and barrel
pouf / land of nod
floor lamp / land of nod
bench / vintage find
the swing / the swing was custom made by a carpenter. if you would like further information please e-mail me.  however, a swing DIY is likely in the works for next month…so stay tuned.
masks / lucky fish who has the most rad stuff.  sadly, as of now no masks are not available.  but you will want everything else they have, i promise.

look for mosaic DIY tomorrow and next week, i’ll be sharing pictures from the boys room.

images / Land of Nod / last image Frank + Harvey


The Hardest Working Room in My House

Do you have a room in your home that you would consider the hardest working room in your house?

You’ll be surprised to know mine . . .

Do you have a room in your home that you would consider the hardest working room in your house?

You’ll be surprised to know mine . . .



The other week, one of my favorite blogs, Design Mom, did a feature on the Hardest Working Room in my home.  You might guess it to the kitchen, or maybe even the laundry room, with four kids, but it’s not. It’s the master bedroom.


I’d love for you to see the many ways I use my bedroom throughout the day!

You can read the full story and see photos right HERE.

It’s a little about motherhood, design, work, exercise routines and making what you have work.

What would you say is the hardest working room in your home and why? 

I’m fascinated by how people live within their homes!

P.S. Do you have the Design Mom book? It’s one of my all time fave design books and my home is featured in it.



4 inspiring rooms


how about 4 rooms to inspire you on this thursday, blurrsday?  Or as it is here – – burrsday (-30 ish)!  None of these rooms are from the same home, but somehow look like they belong together.

Let’s start with a bedroom, since it’s always hard to get out of the bed on cold Thursdays.  I always find an imperfect bedroom, perfect.  The colors in this space are perfection and I still love the idea of using a palette here or there (like in my family room).

click thru to see more . . .

image : that kind of woman





The wooden countertop and pretty sink caught my eye in this bathroom.  Followed by the pretty tub and earthly woodwork.  I love everything about his Santa Barbara home, as seen on Design Sponge, and I’m pretty sure I’d love living in Santa Barbara.  Ocean.  Mountains.  Orange Trees.  Just saying.


A desk nook.  Because a desk nook.  I love this one bumped right up to a rounded window.

image via 79 ideas


Let’s talk about kitchens, because kitchens are my favorite.  But, an indoor / outdoor ish kitchen.  Those are my dream kind of kitchens.  Where you feel like the back garden (yes, garden, because I want my backyard looking like an English garden, while we are talking dream stuff) is part of your home.  Open doors.  Open worlds.  This entire house featured on The Beetle Shack is perfection.  It might show up again, as a house crush…so don’t be surprised.

Tell me what are you inspired by right now?  And, if you could change or update any room in your home, what would it be?


these rooms


these rooms belong together.

a perfect pairing for under the same roof.  formally informally with a touch of  turquoise.  first, a living room with mismatched art, a modern sofa, and traditional rug and ottoman.  then take a stroll down the long turquoise colored hall, stop and look at what books are on the shelf (because you can learn a lot about a person by what is on their bookshelf), and surprise…it’s a secret door to the kitchen.  the kitchen that is rustic, and warm and bright, letting in a large amount of natural light along with the breeze, no doubt, coming off the turquoise sea.

wouldn’t you love a secret door like that?  it’s going in my one day some day house.  yes…secret doors and dutch doors.

i’m kinda digging these “these rooms” posts.  what about you?  maybe i should start a little series?

images: the design filesthe house home / the design files

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