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clean it

i’m so happy to have kelly, of design crush, share her monday mess.  i’ve long been a fan of design crush.  when it comes to all things design, kelly knows whats going on.  i’m so glad i’ve had a chance to chat with kelly at ALT, in years past,…she is as nice as can be!  keep reading…i think you’ll really enjoy her mess . . .

clean it

My kitchen table is a catchall for every single thing that comes in the front door, at least that’s how it feels! I try to clean it off at least once a week but it’s like a magnet for things that need mailed, DIY projects, etc. I’m happy to report the box at the top left has been successfully mailed and that the box on the far right is full of successfully written out holiday cards, however the rest needs cleaned off badly.

leave it2

leave it

My two pups, Piper and Bebe, have a serious rawhide and tug of war addiction. Their collection of both (along with a few chew toys thrown in for good measure) sits in the corner of my living room. When I pick everything up at the end of each day the cute canvas basket does its job, but a few hours into the morning it looks like this. Girls will be girls and I’m okay with that.


believe it

believe it

/  /  /  /  /  /

i’m smitten that kelly shared her pile of her pups bones and toys!  these are the things that make a house a home, yes?  do your pets have piles in your home too?


monday mess * post thanksgiving

thanksgiving mess 5_la la lovely

how are you holding up friends?  was thanksgiving crazy?  restful?  busy? thankful?  i’m kinda feeling the word to describe my thanksgiving is blurr.   i tried to be present but with 15 extra people visiting for the week, i feel like everything was in fast forward.  i wish i could have sat down and had individual time with each person.

whilst i was hoping to have cyber monday biz to share with you, i must admit i don’t (so will you share some good deals with me?).  i instead have a sick puppy today.  and by puppy i mean kid.  specifically the one pictured above.  so we are cuddled up in bed watching movies and snuggling.  and, anyhow, i thought you’d like to see some mess.  because, maybe it will make you feel better as you are cleaning up yours today.  be back tomorrow with la la loving (+ gift guides later this week).

more mess, including lego carnage, (and what is hidden in the cabinet) after the jump :

p.s. if you want to see my house, clean, check out my home tour on design mom!


thanksgiving mess 2_la la lovely

thanksgiving mess_la la lovely

thanksgiving mess 3_la la lovely


monday mess * simple lovely

simple lovely via la la lovely

simple lovely 2 via la la lovely

you know joslyn from simple lovely, yes?  if you don’t than i feel pretty honored to introduce you.  simple lovely was one of the first blogs i started reading, years ago, and one that i still follow today.  the thing i love most about joslyn’s blog, besides her impeccable (and, i mean impeccable) style is her thoughtful writing.  joslyn has the smarts to match her style and a knack for finding the most lovely and interesting things you ever did see.  i’m always learning new things and finding myself challenged to simplify my life when i’m visting her online space.  and, the thing is, i can attest she is truly just as lovely in person.

clean it

The idea of an artfully scattered workspace is incredibly appealing and romantic to me, but, sadly, my OCD tendencies always prevail. (Ok, ok, I am a full-blown neat-nick.) But I recently transitioned from being a full-time magazine editor ( to working as a principal at a multi-disciplinary design studio (, so on any given day my desk might be piled with books, proofs, fabric and wallpaper samples, and sundry other bits and bobs. The trick to keeping my sanity is letting things pile up a bit over the course of a workday and then spending five minutes before I head home to do a clean sweep. That way when I get to work the next day I start fresh (or at least have the allusion of a fresh start).

simple lovely 3 via la la lovely

leave it2

While I’m organized to a fault, my hubby is, well, not so much. In an attempt to keep the peace, we declared his closet a “free zone,” meaning he can keep it as messy as possible and I can’t complain.

believe it

simple lovely 4 via la la lovely

One of the biggest challenges of completely switching careers in my late 30s is allowing myself to embrace the fact that there’s a lot I just don’t know yet. Humility has become my new best friend.

/  /  /  /  /  /

see what i mean, about thought provoking… and well, wise.  i’m finding there is a lot a i just don’t know yet too…..anyone else?  i think it is such a good place to be, though.  

and, i’m curious how many of you differ with your spouses when it comes to keeping things tidy?  i love the idea of declaring a certain space a “free zone.”  i may need to try this with my kids.  seriously.


monday mess * moments


yes, you’ve likely seen my nightstand before.  i wish it was a something like a stool with one book resting upon it, just so.  then there would be an, industrial like, light attached to the wall and one lone little saying taped up just beside it.  it would be simple, clean and functional.

but instead, this is it.  a bright blue lamp (which i’m starting to tire of), books, magazines, lotions, coffee cups, cold medicine and notebooks).  it’s particularly messy because, last night i decided to skip blogging and take a moment.  i wrestled with this idea.  i had a good post.  but, i also had the knowledge that the coming week was going to be bananas.  a bunch to be exact.  and that maybe, just maybe, sitting down to read an us magazine with some ice cream (ice cream with potato chips in it, i might as well admit) and tea was a moment i needed to take.

i’m not the best at moments.  i think more in weeks and sometimes even in years.  sometimes, the most time i spend in a moment is thinking back on the ones that i cherish or fighting off regret from the ones that i missed.  and, at other times, i find myself taking on more moments than two (my mind wanders).

but, think about this :


“if we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.”  – maria edgeworth

this little quote was on my tea tin last night and it’s been following me around ever since.  it makes sense doesn’t it?

taking care of the moment may look differently for you than it does for me.  and on tuesday, well, it may look totally different than thursday.  taking care of the moment could mean putting all your focus into a project or your work, perhaps putting your phone down while your coloring with your little one or it could mean taking a moment to take care of you or yours.  and yes, there are even moments for dreaming of moments to come.  take those too.

i had no idea that choosing to take a moment last night, to rest (and go to bed on time), would have anything to do with next year, but i think it just might.

are you good at moments?  if you’ve learned to be, i’d love to know more.

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