rocco royal, age 2




two, how do you do?  i’ve known you three other times and you’ve been sweet but this time i find you rather bitter.  yes, in the form of my squishy and smiley little guy you could not be sweeter but in knowing this is likely the last time two lives in our home, i feel a little sour.

sweet rocco you are sunshine through and through.  pudgy hands and thumpy feet that leave smudges of happiness down the halls and in our hearts.

+you are so animated with the cutest little expressions that i somehow know that i used to make
+instead of yes, it’s a sure “mmmhmmm” and to that i can never say no
+you insist on going to bed with at least two binkies (memees). preferably three.  one for your mouth.  and one for each hand.
+whatever liam does or has, you must have or do too
+it’s been all about muno but as of last week spiderman (man) it is
+meal times are wild.  no sitting still.  food everywhere.  walking on tables.  begging for coocoo (cookie).
+you can break dance with the best of them
+ we call you roc, rocco the taco, and (i’m sorry) little roc
+you’re favorite book is wild animals by rop van mierlo
+you love to watch common + colbie caillat break it down with elmo
+you just started giving bear hugs and i hope you never stop
+you look up to uLA, Uke and EEum
+when i’m not looking you dance like maniac in your car seat.  but i always catch a glimpse.
+you love to put on my shoes or anyones that might be laying around


by now it may be known that your name means rest.  truth be told you are my most active.  the messes you make are second to none.  i’m always right behind picking up after you or you are right behind me undoing what i’ve done.  your running.  i’m chasing.  but here we are together.  maybe you don’t afford me physical rest but you’ve given my soul some.  that is the kind i need anyways.  the peace of mind kind.  good day.  bad day.  random, nothing new kind of day.  and there you are shining your sweet smile my way and covering me with little heaps of happiness.  giggling goodness back into my serious self.  creating chaos and casting calm into my heart.  finding rest when you rest your head upon me.  it’s all there wrapped up in your pudgy little body and bright shining eyes.

although it’s your birthday, i’m the one who gets the gift.  and i pray that two with you is imprinted in my mind and stamped upon my heart for all the three and four and forty fours that follow.


Rocco, Age 1

One.  They say it is the longest short year there is.  I know this to be true from 3 other little la la’s but with you, Rocco, its been nothing short of too fast.  If I really think about you being one today, my heart kind of aches a little.

+You easy going.  I’m not sure if it is because you have to be (with 3 olders in front of you) or if that is just who you are?
+You have the sweetest little lips that form the prettiest little big smile that I ever did see (don’t tell the others).
+You seem to have patience, like an old soul, you are.  Thank you for making up for my impatience.
+You say “hi” over and over again, with the cutest of waves.
+You broke the mold and grew straight blonde locks.
+You are very serious about your food and no matter how many new tastes I offer, for now, you only prefer, bread, yogurt, veggie chips, crackers + bananas.
+When I give you your binky at night you, you look for any extras and trade it out for the one I gave you.
+You just started crawling (which is a-ok, by me) and you move in a very steady, thought out kind of way (slightly different from LB who crawled with one leg like a little monkey).
+You are a crumb picker at his best.  You can track down the tiniest piece of something, a whole room away, and then attempt to eat it.  Who knows what has made its way to your stomach so far.
+You love going on walks with me.  You and I are walking partners, indeed.
+You have a scrunchy smile, where you wrinkle your nose + squint your eyes.  You’ve been doing this from the start.
+You are a good little sleeper and for that I thank God!
+So far your words are dog, hi, and Ella.
+You are 22 pounds of pure baby goodness…rippled legs, wrist rolls, dimples and baby cleavage all very appetizing.
+You are such a honey.  So much so, that I really want another.  But I can’t imagine one any sweeter than you.  You are the perfect ending.  The icing on the cake.

Your face lights up the room.  It lights up our house.  Dear boy, it lights up my life.  You know the song, You are my sunshine, my only sunshine?  Perhaps over sang, yes. But the bit about you make me happy when skies are gray…..I’ve never known it to be truer, dear one.  Your name means rest and that you are.  Named on a day and in a time in our lives where rest was not likely in more ways than one.  And, true to your name, you have been the rest that our tired hearts have needed.  Today my heart is still tired and my mind and body weary but when I gaze upon your sweet face little one, I find the rest that I need.  And I hope that, one day, when you find yourself in a time that is tiring, a day or even a season that makes you weary, that you can find the rest that you need in me.  We will always be each others home.  I love you Rockwell Royal and I thank my giving God for you!

Wonder why we chose the name Rockwell Royal? It’s all over here along with some really cute newborn pictures.



Rockwell Royal
May 10th
6:47 pm
7 lbs 7 oz
20 inches long

This is little Rocco and I’m in la la love.  There really is nothing better than a newborn baby.  The smell, the softer than silk skin, the little grunts and constant cuddling.

Do you like the name?  I think some people are a little taken with it.  As in:

*oh that is an interesting name
*super cool . . .i love it

Not many in betweens.  Names are a hard thing, especially if this is your 3rd boy.  We wanted something different but not too crazy.  But meaning is king with me.  I thought Rocco was really cute but also pretty bad, as in don’t mess with me,…but what I love is that it means Rest & Repose (freedom from worry; peace of mind, calmness; tranquillity; to put (trust or confidence) in a person or thing) and Royal means of the King.  The meaning is kind of a contradictory to the sound of it and that is pretty great too.

Adding a 4th is definielty adding an element of crazy and would seem to be deducting from any form of rest but I’m just looking at this little guy as a breath of fresh air.  A pause and a rest from the normal kind of every day busy.  A distraction from the worry of life and it’s current woes.  And, “of the King”, well, all good and perfect gifts are from above.   And Rocco is our little Rest from the King.

And don’t you think names just grow on you?  You become them.  Whether you ever wanted to or not.  You become more youier.

Rocco is a sweetie.  So far sleeping better than any baby I’ve had and not much of a fusser. I’m thanking God for this and believing that this is his little disposition (yet another reason he is sporting the name he is).

I have to tell you though, I keep looking around at this brood of kids – 4 little people- and I’m having a hard time believing they are all mine.  That somewhow I’m responsible for all of these little lives.  Pretty amazing and slightly scary.  Juggling is going to take on a whole new meaning.

(And as I type this…. I heard a long, loud banging at the front door and out of my window I saw a police car (my heart dropped) and when I answered he asked if I had called 911?!?!?! The sudden worry quickly morphed into a small shot of anger (and embarrasemnt) running through my veins as I stood there with one slipper on and one slipper off (I think he saw the crazy or maybe just the tears in my eyes + felt some form of pity) and I thought to myself, “so this is how it’s going to be?”  I better put my seat belt on and buckle up for the ride.)  And no it was not me that called for 911.  And that someone who did hit those magic #’s on the phone has yet to admit they actually dialed 911.  They might have pushed, “like 09011 or sumpin, like that!”  Uh huh!

Oh and as for the birth.  Everything went well and well, really fast (almost too fast, so much so that I’d like a do over so I can really soak it all in…..I can share more on all of this later if you like to know these type of things?).

How are you?  Have I missed anything?

I’m going to be around here + there but I do hope you’ll stop in daily as I have some of my most favorite bloggers + friends guest posting on la la over the next few weeks so I can take a bit of a breaky.  I promise they are some of your fav’s too and if by some rare chance you don’t know them than I’d love to introduce you.

Happy Monday!

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