Little Lunch Time

School just started this week and already I’m in a lunch box rut and maybe you are too? Here are a few little links to take you where you’re lunch […]

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A Modern Eden

Right now I am loving A Modern Eden for the little ones. I had the opportunity to review 3 of their fabulous posters & they are nothing short of fabulous. […]

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A Fancy for Fashion

I am totally in love with this book…. My Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakrabarti. I have bought several copies for several birthdays and then just had to buy […]

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It’s Me Eloise

Today is dress like your favorite story book character. I was stumped on this when for some reason. And then suddenly I remembered ….. we LOVE Eloise! So here is […]

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little GOOD ideas

another fab way to hang jewelry and special notes that you want to keep. muffin tins make fun snack trays for your littles. using little clips to hold your papers […]

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I hate to admit, but I’ve been watching a lot of reality t.v. Sad, I know. I won’t even bother telling you what shows they are. There are some upcoming […]

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Frame It

Just a few more ideas for capturing your kids artwork. I adore the first idea. Shrunken little miniatures of your little artists work captured in one spot. I like anything […]

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