Apples for Jam

The book cover & my attempt at the a recipe within Some of the pretty middle bits Gorgeous back cover This Christmas I got lots of cooking items.  Which was […]

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Cookie? Pie? Give it a Try!

Thought you might all enjoy a different pie recipe.  Since there is an abundance of pies and cookies I say why not combine the two?  Chocolate chip cookies are always […]

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Sometimes . . .

Apple Crisp & Goulash L & El El was snapping some pictures of the chandelier & I couldn’t  resist adding a little sparkle to the simplicity! Hardcastle with El & […]

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Recipe = Treasure Map

I love family recipes.  I really don’t have too many.  It’s one of those things where you get a little older and you really wish you would have paid attention […]

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Chocolate Fix

Thought it was time to share a recipe again.  I seem to find something I like, usually some form of chocolate, and make it over and over again till everyone […]

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Happy Birthday!

{image from Martha Stewart} Love the look of this fluffy white frosting…so pretty! Yes, the cake is small & hard to see but I couldn’t resist the pretty kitchen. Isn’t […]

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