Things to Think on

Fill ‘Er Up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks of running around and adjusting to the school schedule. I’m feeling totally depleted. So this morning while both kiddies are in school I decided to refuel. Well as you can see, with bagel and coffee but also with some nourishment for my soul. I have to tell you, […]

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Your Story

Do you ever just think sometimes, about how amazing life is.   I mean most days we drag our feet around feeling the effects of what we deem to be a rat race, but is it really?  In the midst of the routine there are things happening all around….Some things that have nothing to do […]

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Live Creatively

{Love this quote I found over at Brown Button} Do you ever think about who you are suppose to be?  What you are suppose to do with your life?  That is of course a question for the high school and college age group but I think so many of us are still wondering around either asking […]

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A New Day

Today, I’m just grateful it is a new day.  Yesterday was a sad day.  Today has new possibilities.  That is the beauty of it all.  Everyday the sun goes down and rises the next morning bringing us a fresh start and a blank page.  And if today turns out not as you planned or hoped….well […]

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Little Big Girl

I just saw this picture over at Two Ellie who found it at August Love.  At first, it made me seriously giggle and then I stopped and had a good look and it made me think.  I used to not really care for photos styled in this fashion.  Dressing little kids up in an adult […]

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Writer’s block, maybe?  I’m not sure.  These past couple of weeks have been really difficult, if I am honest with myself and all of you.  I have certainly not felt my best and still am fighting a bit of this ugly sick that keeps trying to linger around.  Somewhere, in the midst of this I […]

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Happy Easter

This is true beauty, true love and true grace.  And that is what Easter is all about for me.   The artist is David Garibaldi, incase you are interested.  I would love to own this piece.

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If I Were an Artist

If I were an artist… this would look a lot better than it does.  Last week my sister (the artist) stayed with us and we all did some painting.  I have been wanting to paint some meaningful words.  And well it didn’t quite turn out the way I had envisioned but I’m quite happy that […]

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This is How I’m Starting My Week . . .

I read this (below), last week, over at Anita Kaushal’s blog and think it is utterly fabulous. I think its something we should read everyday!  It’s like a dose of preventative medicine, that is sure to keep us young and alive and full of a delicious life.  I have been thinking about life lately. You […]

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