Lovelies, I’m headed off to ALT today.  I’m excited and way nervous all at once.  It’s always hard to leave those little la la’s, even if it is just for a few days.  I’ll be tweeting + sharing pictures on Instagram so feel free to follow along.

Aren’t these shoes cute?  My Fave new purchase for sure!

Happy Weekend! XO


Interview : Jessica Alba

jessica alba

chances are you might have seen the buzz that jessica alba was at alt summit.  i had the opportunity to interview jessica on thrusday and learn a it more about her and the honest company.

ok, lets be real before i get into this interview.  i know you are all wanting to know a thing or two.  one, is jessica as beautiful in person?  umm, yeah x10.  she is even more gorgeous in person.  too be honest (because sometimes i am overly…honest, that is) she is stunning.  i mean when i talked to her i was a little taken with her beauty.  but besides being so beautiful jessica is a truly lovely person.  she was super sweet and easy to talk to.  i didn’t have a tape recorder and i wasn’t taking notes, and since i was a little distracted by the gorgeousness i can’t remember every word that was said but i’d love to share a bit with you:

Question 1 : why did you decide to start the honest company?  the truth is that jessica couldn’t find diapers that she felt were safe, worked well and were affordable (for everyone).  jessica shared with me how she came to a a point where she just thought that constant diaper rash was just something her babies would have to endure and she just didn’t feel that was right.  she tried several brands that didn’t work and some that still contained harmful chemicals.  after doing her research she decided to start her own company and offer diapers (and many other products) that are safe, honest, affordable and yes….stylish (have you seen how cute the diapers are?  even for boys!).

Question 2 : being a mom, a business owner and an actress is a lot to juggle.  how do you prioritize and what does a normal day look like for you?  jessica shared how she has made all three, very important roles, work for her and her family.  some days her daughters go to pre-school, which is right around the corner.  during that time, jessica pops over to the office and takes care of business.  she shared how she loves being involved in many of the details, even things such as packaging.  jessica has also done a really smart thing in setting up play area for her kids in the office so they can tag along and have a place of their own.  things like making breakfast and bath time are important parts of the day that she always likes to be there for special times of the day.  and when and if something comes up with one of the little ones jessica drops whatever she is doing …being a mom is job #1.  as for juggling being an actress and motherhood, i learned that jessica always brings her little ones along on location.

Question 3:  do you have any intention of creating natural beauty products for honest in the future and for the time being do you have any natural products that you love and recommend?  i didn’t quite a get a clear answer on whether honest plans to create a beauty line.  anything is a possibility.  however, jessica has done her homework and tested many many natural products.  in her upcoming book, the honest lifeshe shares a whole list of must have natural products that actually work (can’t wait to get this book next month when it is available).

we even dished a bit about things like botox in hollywood and how hilarious the movie this is 40 is.  it was such a treat to be able to sit down and talk with, yes, a movie star, but also a fellow mom, that saw a need, stepped in and made a difference!

jessica has always been one of my faves when it comes to fashion so it was no surprise that i loved her look.  here are a few pieces she had on (or similar to) that i la la loved :

jessica alba fashion_lalalovely



.01 sneakers  / .02 earrings / .03  bag


travel quirks

hi lovelies.  it’s wednesday morning and i’m on my way to alt summit (like in the car literally).
let’s talk travel.  do you love it?  i love to travel but kind of hate to fly (i’ve probably told you this before).  what about you?  i keep hearing from more and more people that air travel, at the least, stresses them out.  the funny thing is, as a kid i loved it.  but here i am today, with an honest dislike of being up in the air.  the thing is, there was a season where i missed out on a few things because i wouldn’t to fly.  i’ve finally come to terms with the fact that i’d rather feel fear than live with regret. so…. now….. i just do it afraid.
i am a little neurotic in that i have a little routine when i fly.  just ask the mister. it’s nothing crazy and in fact i bet all you lovelies that love to fly have your own little airport routine.
here is mine :
i never get there too early.
i take a small dose of xanax (i can go without – -as i had to during 4 pregnancies – – and sometimes i still do)
after i check in i like to go and get a couple of magazines (preferably tabloid!)
i always run to restroom right before we board
at take off (the worst part for me) i pray (when it gets bumpy, i pray too.  i pray a lot when i fly) and then start flipping through my magazines
i usually try to close my eyes and doze off for a bit and then once we are up in the air and coasting smoothly i pep up and relish the quiet time to read a book, write, listen to music, and so on.
i’m pretty good after that, unless turbulence, but i’ll spare you that part of the story.
upon landing, i always want a burger.  i usually don’t eat before i fly and am famished afterwards.  but want to know something?  i’ve been doing better and sometimes i even eat a bit at the airport (i might get that burger beforeahand today).
here is what i always have with me:
a big scarf or wrap to cover up with (i always get cold).
a book or iPad with a book
hand sanitizer
a snack
and i should note this is when i travel without kids.  with kids, it’s just survival of the fittest and a whole other kind of packing list.  i have  few tips + tricks on that right here.
what about you?  do you have a little routine?  is there anything in life that you have learned to just do afraid?  it’s always worth it in the end!


This week I’m headed to ALT Summit.  Am I excited?  Oh maybe just a little.  Ok, quite a lot.

I’ve never been a way ahead of time packer.  My philosophy is to pack the night before and fit in as much as you possibly can.  Because, you never know what you just might need.  And, of course, every single time I find that I don’t need half of any of it.  Yet, still I continue this way of packing.  Lately, I’ve been re-thinking this method as it is getting a bit exhausting when I pack for four little people and myself.

Do you plan out every outfit for a particular day or just bring along a few favorite outfits and then decide that day which to wear?  I tend to do more of the latter but I’m trying very hard, at least for this trip, to plan out each day + night.  Sweet Kelly of Design Crush  came up with this super cool Wardrobe Planner + Packing List specifically for ALT.

And the above, pretty great right [I’d wear any and all of that]?  I’m loving this blog called Travelista.  Her foolproof travel outfit has me fixated on what to wear come Wednesday.

What do you like to wear when you travel?  I tend to like leggings and I like to wear flats but I always have to bring sox because my feet always freeze in the plane.  I’m also big fan of a scarf to wrap up in and the perfect bag is high priority on my list.  What about you?

AND are you coming to ALT?  Tell me if you are … I’d love to meet you!



la la Loving {Simple Lovely}

Simple Lovely is simply one of the best style blogs out there.  And Joslyn Taylor, the author, can be described quite simply, as lovely (and to that, I’ll add super stylish, smart and warm).  I know this because  I had the pleasure of meeting Joslyn at Alt Summit, this past January.  The thing I particuarly love about Joslyn, and Simple Lovely, is that her blog is not only full of gorgeous style but she has great content (Joslyn can write).  And by great, I mean content that has personally challenged me to simplify and to be more meaningful in my purchases and the things I accumulate.  However, it’s a pretty sure thing that I’m wanting some new this or that after I read Joslyn’s posts because she has killer taste and a way of finding the next great thing.  But I can promise that the next great thing is a quality piece of something that you’ll want to keep around for a very long time.

Here is what Joslyn is la la Loving

. . . . . . . . .

A young Mick and Bianca…so, so gorgeous (image via All Things Stylish)

My new Clare Vivier La Trop — I’ve wanted this forever and it was definitely worth the wait…I am smitten.

Coffee made in a Chemex carafe — The best cup of coffee ever. Truly. (image via Design Sponge)

Debbie Carlos’ dreamy, beautiful *huge* posters — They totally transform a room.


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