Dear Sister #3

Dear Sister, Sunday I turned forty-one. And in my Forty-first year, I want to become a ninja of love. I know. I know. Just keep reading. Forty was a year […]

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Dear Sister #2

Dear Sister, Do you ever dawdle on decisions? I’ve been struggling as of late. The time I’ve spent deciding and discussing whether I should cut my hair or grow it out […]

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Of Course We Are Enchanted

I seriously cannot get enough of this royal wedding business. And, clearly, I’m not alone. True, I’m a self-confessed Anglophile (have loved all things British as far back as I […]

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Make Yourself at Home in Love

Astonishing Love. I want nothing less. Would you expect anything less on this day of love? I wasn’t always keen on Valentine’s Day. In high school, I found a photo […]

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Expecting Love

To all the lonely hearts. Loneliness doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or together. Married or single. Young or old. Today is the day where together is celebrated, […]

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On my mind

I hesitate on my post title, because I think, “does anyone really care?” Yes, I know people care.  People care too much. Not about what I am saying, but they care too […]

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La La Loving

The mint green along side the black leather chair as seen on KK Living.  Mint chocolate chip perfection. This sundress.  It looks so easy and breezy and simply summer.  On my […]

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