winter blues


it’s been a white out all winter and i’m feeling a bit blue.

do you get the winter blues?

while i’m all for snow, it’s beginning to feel a bit like narnia’s never ending winter.  and, where i live, snow is a possibility all the way in april.  i’m getting that trapped indoors, incessant itch to get my cooped up self some fresh air see, some green living things, and feel the sunshine on my skin.  not to mention deep desire to throw all of my kids outside and say, “go play!”  you know?


sometimes it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve when you want to make it from february to april.

click through for a few simple ways to beat the blues:

buy yourself flowers /  nothing says spring, like fresh flowers.  don’t wait around for someone to think you a sweetheart and send you flowers.  buy them for yourself!  i did this last week and it has made me so happy to have fresh colorful flowers in constant view.

wear a summer scent / i love bobbi brown’s beach perfume.  i’ve had it in my arsenal for a few years now.  it smells like old fashioned suntan lotion which might as well be vacation in a bottle.  i love wearing it in warmer months, but find it therapeutic during the frigid ones.  i’m putting the body oil on my wanted list next.

take a hot bath /  seems easy enough, but sometimes i feel to lazy to even do this.  however, when i have taken the time, it’s been a nice little escape and the best way to warm up.  and, this bath caddy would really make a bath that much more luxurious.

walk / outside if you can, and inside if you must.  i love walking outside for the exercise but also for the fresh air and time to clear my head.  this is one of the hardest parts of winter for me.  i’ decided, the other day, that if the temp is over 25 i’m getting bundled up and going for it.  and, if outside isn’t a possibility there is always the treadmill.  once i get going, i still feel the benefits of walking, even indoors.

take vitamin d /  it’s said that most of us are vitamin d deficient.  if your getting as little sunlight as i am, than you likely need a supplement.  you can, easily, get your vitamin d levels tested at your dr.’s office.  so why not?  i loved the vitamin + supplement cheat sheet over goop, the other week, that lists other supplements to take when your feeling blue or living in colder climates.

buy yourself something / sometimes a little something new can lift your spirit.  i’m thinking a pretty pink lipgloss, a shiny magazine or a crisp new book.  it’s the little things.

take a trip / if it’s in your budget than i think february is one of the best months to skip town and find some sunshine.  if you can only afford a weekend trip close to home, no worries, any change of scenery will work its magic.

go to a movie / a couple hour escape, even if just in your mind, can do wonders.  i love sneaking out and going to a movie by myself.

give yourself a glow / i’m not a proponent of tanning, but a little fake tan goes a long way.  i love adding a glow with this shimmer brick.  i use it on my collar bone and shoulders (even though they are hiding under sweaters).  if i’m going for more, this is a fave self tanning trick of mine.

be grateful/ this is one i’m adding to regimen, today.  while there is a lot, of sunshine, to be wishing for in the winter, there is a lot of warmth to be found in things like, hugs from your little ones, a home with a crackling fire, cookies to bake, talks with friends and so the list goes.  i’m going pick and write down a few things to give thanks for each day.  want to join me?

if you have any favorite ways to beat the winter blues, i’d love to hear!




  • sue
    Commented on February 3rd, 2014 at 12:30pm

    great post! really need pick me ups during the winter months, I love buying flowers and candles

  • Trina
    Commented on February 3rd, 2014 at 1:40pm

    thank you! oh, yes, candles are always a good idea, too! xo . t

  • Karrie Kaneda
    Commented on February 4th, 2014 at 12:58pm

    Such good ideas– I hear you on winter blues, so easy to get stuck in a rut. I am going to try to do one of these every week until winter is over. Could be a while, last year it snowed here in May. MAY! (Kansas City has weird weather). Great post!

  • Trina
    Commented on February 4th, 2014 at 9:15pm

    thank you! i’m going to do the same….having flowers in my house this week has been really nice. snow in may – yeah that stinks. got to love the mid-west! xo . t

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