Not Perfect

The other day, I received a DM from an Instagram story. It wasn’t a fabulous story. It was neither styled, nor super-posed. Just me in my bathroom, with bad lighting, highlighting some retro spirit wear that I was sporting to my Ella’s volleyball game. The message, basically, said, “Your house is so perfect.” “Your life is […]

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Life Lately & the Launch

Anyone remember when blogging used to entail updates on life and was not all “10 Steps to This or That?” Well, I’m going old school today and just giving a little life update and sharing some photos from the La La Lovely Book Launch. The night before the book was released we had a little […]

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On Self-Care

Self-Care is a bit of a buzz. It’s viewed vastly from luxury to necessity. A few years back, after dealing with health issues and anxiety I found it to be the latter of the two—a necessity. The choice seemed to be stress (having its way with me) or self-care. So, I began to add acts […]

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Don’t Judge Me

“Don’t judge me.” It’s the line I’ve been hearing on repeat these days. You too? “Don’t judge me.” It’s the line I’ve been hearing on repeat these days. Not from strangers. From family. From friends. Honestly, I had to ask myself (and one of my friends), “Am I judgemental?” I was beginning to wonder based on the […]

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Goal As You Go

I want to give you permission to goal as you go. Are you feeling the pressure to pursue it all? Be it all? Squeeze into it all (my pants are so tight right now–please tell me I’m not alone. No seriously, leave me a comment)? If so… read on!   I don’t know about you […]

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Not Sorry

Confessions of an over-apologizer . . . and, why I want to apologize less. ____ I’m trying to apologize less. See, I already want to say “sorry” for even saying, out loud and to the interwebs, that I want to apologize less. “I’m sorry if that sounds brash.” But the thing is, I’ve been an over-apologizer […]

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Being Real and Blogging

Why I’m having a hard time with blogging and social media lately . . . Aren’t we all trying to reconcile ourselves on screen and off? Finding the balance of being private and vulnerable. Staying the same and changing (online and off). I’m having a hard time posting lately….I seem to be stuck somewhere between. […]

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A Few Ways to Feel More Like Yourself

A few thoughts and getting to know yourself, no matter your age. (I’m about to hit a mile marker number). Here is the thing . . . In less than two months I will be forty. 40! Maybe you are a long way’s off or have passed those numbers a decade ago. To you, forty may […]

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Go-Getters Chasing Slow

For all those go-getters who’ve gotten a little tired.  This is for you. Pinky promise.   We all chase things. Only we don’t like to call it a chase. Go-getting sounds better, doesn’t it? Hustle sounds about right. Like the word of the year as well as the last two. Because if Beyonce can do […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas lovely friends! I’m wishing you all a restful holiday, so tangibly full of joy and goodness that you are able to hold it in your hands and keep it in your heart for always. I’m mindful that the holidays are hard for so many. That they aren’t all twinkle lights and I’ll Be Home […]

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