It’s Summer, Still and an Update

Hello, Lovely Ones!

I don’t want to point out that we are nearing the end of July or that school supplies are in stores everywhere (assaulting my eyes and my right to enjoy summer–mostly I get agitated because I know what is next. As soon as the school supplies are down, Halloween goes up and then Christmas. And can’t we just all slow it way down and enjoy where we are at? Truly, it’s counter cultural to do so). But I digress. IT IS SUMMER, STILL! And I plan on enjoying these slower, warmer days until the first school bell rings (If you have the desire to enjoy summer, still– make sure you download my Summer Wonder Workbook and Bucket List).

How has your summer been going? 

In what ways have you been enjoying the slower, warmer days?

I’ve been on the go a little more than usual for summer, but it’s been good and restful at the same time. We spent a couple of weeks in Colorado Springs with dear friends and family and then few days on our own in the mountains making memories as a family. Colorado is a very special place for me. I’ve been going there since I was a kid as my grandma lived there, along with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We used to take family trips out west, during the summer, to visit my grandma and explore the west–a part of the country that my family has always loved. I was so eager to take my children and for them to experience Colorado and the mountains as I did in my youth. And let me tell you, it was freaky familiar–like major déjà vu.  There was one trip, in particular, that we all remember because I carried along my big sticky photo album everywhere on entire trip, talking non-stop about wanting to go home, because I missed my friends. Let’s just say Ella in action was like was like watching the camcorder videos from 1991, only this time there was an iPhone in tow rather than a bulky photo album. It made me laugh and also apologize to my parents.  This was my first trip to Colorado in which I wasn’t seeing my grandma, and that was strange and somewhat melancholy, but I sure did feel her loving presence. The mountains did their magic. Mountains, for me, are majestic and like medicine for my soul; I always feel the veil thin between here and heaven when I’m near them.

I’ve been somewhat quiet on here and Instagram, this summer. Not necessarily intentionally, but because life has been busy and because I seem to be in some sort of season of waiting. Of quiet growth. Of contemplation and reflection. Of one day at a time. Of working (or shall I say, allowing God to work) on my inner life. I’ve just been sharing as it’s been organic. As I’ve felt led. As I’ve had time.

Last week I shared a bit about disappointment on Instagram:

It’s something we don’t talk a lot about for various reasons, yet something we all experience. It’s been one of the avenues, I’ve been walking through in recent times. When it comes to disappointment, we can’t always share the details of what we are traveling through (or have traveled through), but we can talk about how to navigate disappointment well and how to not lose hope. I’m going to be sharing about this topic in the next week, with the La La Lovely Tribe. This won’t be in the form of a blog post, as I’d rather it be more personal. Please, make sure you are a subscribed to my mailing list so I can send this encouragement straight to your inbox.

You can sign up here (please note: the sign up form will say “Free Summer Wonder Workbook”–which you’ll, simply, receive as a bonus).

I hope your summer is going wonderfully. I have company coming from England today–my British bestie and her daughter–I’m so excited. Signing off to tidy up and clean all of my best mugs for tea! I’ll see you all over on Instagram and in your inbox (next week).



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