We Are All Trying to Adjust

Everyone is trying to adjust–with the reality of a pandemic (am I really writing this?). With a new way of life. With no routine. With a new routine. With being isolated. With connecting–in new ways. With fighting fear. With kids wanting a snack every five minutes, whilst you try to conserve your food for as long as possible.

We are all trying to adjust.

If you are anything like me then you are trying to find the balance of staying informed while protecting your peace. You may even find that you need to be selective with social media, with e-mail with any and all input. And I get it. Everyone is not for everyone.

We are all trying to adjust.

I’ve just heard the news that tomorrow my state (Illinois) has ordered “shelter-in-place.” I’ve known this is coming. I’ve prepared for it. As a family, we’ve already put ourselves on lockdown for the last week. But when I read it, in writing, when it became official I got a lump in my throat.

We are all trying to adjust.

Adjusting is easy for some. For others, it is a fight. And for many, it simply depends on what they are having to adjust to. I see adjusting is kin to acceptance. And the one thing I can tell you about acceptance is that: acceptance is not having to do battle. Fighting change is a waste of energy. Let’s conserve our energy to fight what matters right now–the enemy. This evil disease. And the evil one–who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Fighting, if you adjust your thinking, looks a lot like resting. Staying home–to protect people. Abiding in God’s love–to defeat fear.

We are all trying to adjust.

Be easy on yourself when it comes to routines and working from home and instantly becoming a home school teacher. If you need routine, there are many ideas on social media. If everyone on social media offering routines, color-coded spreadsheets included, is stressing you out (even though you like organization), then it’s not for you–right now. If your kids are spending a lot of extra time on screens and in their pajamas–it’s ok. I guarantee you, you are not alone, nor are you a bad parent(you’re in my company).

You will know how, what, and when you need to adjust within your home.

Currently, my aim is to adjust my wandering mind and imagination, create a peaceful home and make nourishing meals.

For me this means:

More tea
More time in the Word
More movement (stretching, walking, pilates–getting out of my head and into my body)
More warm baths
More reading
More laughter
More hugs
More prayers
More phone calls to check in on loved ones
More sleep

We are all trying to adjust.

As I adjust, It’s likely, I’ll be blogging and Instagramming a bit, more. Old school style. Stories. Free Writing. Connecting. Chronicling. Unless of course, I’m needing more of what I’ve listed above, for that day.

Loads of Love,

PS- we are all fighting fear to some degree during this time. To help encourage us, I’ve created a free download!  You can get it all (for free) HERE!







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