5 Ways to Encourage Other Women

Need encouragement? Me too! We all do. Sometimes it’s easy enough to encourage or share a kind word and other times it’s trickier and it takes a deliberate effort.

I want to share a few simple ways you can uplift, and check-in, on your sisters and friends.

If you follow me on Instagram (that’s where I share daily–let’s be friends!) then you saw that I wrote about a controversial event this week regarding a particular woman teaching/preaching the gospel. I won’t rehash it all here (because you can read the original post and join the conversation here), except to say that I addressed a public incident that involved jeering, belittling, and mocking a woman (an amazing woman with ABUNDANT fruit in her life). Sadly, the facts of life are that she’s not the only one. I imagine that so many of you have privately experienced scenarios similar to this, in that you have been accused, belittled, mocked and verbally abused–I am so sorry.

Most everyone we encounter is fighting some kind of battle that we are unaware of and, as we know, there is no shortage of tearing others down in today’s world. So let’s be women that are concerned for the well being of others by checking in and building each other up, as much–and as often–as we can. Here are a few simple, yet meaningful, ways to add value to others:


5 Ways to Encourage Other Women


01 / Ask . . . “Are you OK?”

Here is what all of us want . . . to be seen. You might not always be met, in return, with vulnerability–so many are going through things in which they cannot or do not want to discuss. But I guarantee the person on the receiving end will know they are seen and that someone is concerned about them and their life. I’ll be chatting a little more personally about this with my e-mail friends tomorrow (are you on the list?). You can join my e-mail friend’s group here.


02 / Tell them the gifts/good/fruit you see in their lives.

Do you ever think things like: “Wow, she is such a great mom, communicator, friend….” “I love her style, compassion, tenacity…..” “I really notice a change, growth, a job well-done…..”

I do..I  think these types of things and don’t think to say them. Instead of thinking about or comparing ourselves (woah, yes, I said it!)  to another’s strengths or accomplishments, let’s call them out and say what we see–acknowledge–and encourage.


03/ Be with them in celebration or tears.

Be there, in any kind of weather. Don’t be a fair-weather friend. Be the first to celebrate with them in the good times and the first to show up with tissues and soup in the hard times. Don’t be jealous of their success and don’t be afraid of their pain–just be there!


04/ Share what you’ve got. Insight, wisdom, time, connections.

You’ve got resources. Yes, you. We all have something that could help another with exactly where they are at. Don’t be stingy with what you have, what you’ve learned or who you know. Share the love. You wouldn’t be where you are if it wasn’t for others coming alongside you.


05 / Pray for them, but also with them.

Pray for one another-YES! If someone comes to mind, it’s probably for a reason. Say a prayer. Better yet–call or meet up with a sister or friend and pray for them and with them. I know it sometimes feels awkward at first, but it will not only strengthen the one you’re praying for/with, but it will also strengthen your friendship and you!


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