Introducing my New Book

Hello La La Lovely Friends,

It’s been a hot minute! And it’s been a busy year. I’ve put all of my time and efforts into writing my new book, podcasting (learning and practicing a new form of communication) and a big out of state move (more on that here). Getting settled in a new state is no joke!

But here I am.

We have a long history here….you and I. I’ve loved sharing design, lovely finds and matters of the heart for nearly 14 years (woah!). A good deal of this blog is dedicated to making a beautiful home and while I’m just as passionate about beautiful design as ever . . . I had to take a break for a few years. I had to take a pause from beautifying my lived-in-home and work on uncluttering my-living-home (my heart and soul).

That is what this book new book is all about . . . sorting through all of our mental and emotional clutter. There are so many awesome processes and methods to declutter our homes and they are wonderful and helpful and bring a measure of order and peace….but that’s only the surface.

I’m here to help bring order to your inner life. And I have a process that will help you create space for peace and joy in your everyday life!

Are you ready to join me?

I’m so excited to share my new book with you!

Unclutter Your Soul: Overcome What Overwhelms You

Would you like a few sample chapters? You can grab them for free HERE!

About the book

We all want our lives to change for the better–to become the healthiest versions of ourselves in spirit, soul, and body. Yet we still struggle. Author Trina McNeilly, looking for order in her own life, embarked on an inward journey to the home of her heart and soul to find healing and health from the inside out.

Unclutter Your Soul is for all of us who are cluttered and overwhelmed with loss, fear, chronic stress, unhealthy coping mechanisms, crippling depression, or anxiety. With the Holy Spirit as our guide, Trina says we can learn to,

  • OBSERVE: acknowledge the clutter,
  • OWN: make space for a healthy internal environment, and
  • OVERCOME: take action with tools for living clutter-free from the inside out.

Each chapter in these three sections is written as an essay and concludes with practical and soulful tips as well as prompts to put them into action. With discussion questions and a prayer guide, Unclutter Your Soul is the ultimate resource for finding freedom in our everyday lives by releasing limited mindsets and creating more space for peace and joy.

I can’t wait for you to get your very own copy. I’ve spent the past five years living out this message and laboring over it. I’m so excited (these pages are filled with actionable insight to help you move beyond stress, anxiety, and overwhelm) and nervous (these pages began in my personal journals) to finally share it with you!  

This process is really changing my life and I know it can do the same for you!

Let’s Unclutter Our Souls Together!

Friends, if you pre-order, today, I have some really fun gifts for you that are only available for a few more days! I don’t want you to miss out!  Unclutter Your Soul releases next week! That means if you order, today, it will show up in your mailbox next Tuesday.

I’ve heard that orders from are already arriving (and heyyyy they are having a 26% off sale).  You can Pre-Order Unclutter Your Soul from any of the following stores:





Grab your copy and I’ll meet you in the pages!

Together we will clear out what is weighing us down and make space for the good stuff in life!


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