How Well Do You Manage Stress & Overwhelm?

Feeling stressed these days? It feels like a pointless question because I already know the answer. Everyone experiences stress and overwhelm. The question is how well do you handle it?

In my book, I share how a visit to the E.R. and frequently breaking out in hives, brought me to a realization that I was dealing with chronic stress and anxiety. I had known that I was under extreme stress. But honestly, I didn’t know how to deal with the kind of stress and anxiety I was facing. So I didn’t. I simply tried to cope and comfort myself. This looked a lot like treating myself to a Happy Meal (the epitome of childhood comfort), escaping in books and movies, therapy shopping (I still like to believe that a new lipstick can change my life), endless scrolling on Instagram, and day-dreaming of rescue or running away.

How do you cope or comfort yourself?

“Stress is our bodies body’s reaction to pressure and demands; it causes tension mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

Unclutter Your Soul

It took my body speaking for me to decode the obvious and observe what was really happening in my life. I wasn’t managing stress and overwhelm; it was managing me.

Maybe you are aware of stress or anxiety in your life, but you don’t know how to handle it? Maybe you have observed overwhelm but you are using unhealthy coping mechanisms to manage (that was–and sometimes still is–me)? Maybe you are ready to take a step towards change, but you don’t know which step to take and you don’t want to go it alone!

I get it! I’ve spent the past five years unpacking stress, anxiety, emotional pain, depression (to name a few things)–my soul clutter– learning how to observe, own, and overcome!

I’ve created a fun 1-minute quiz to help you discover how well you manage stress and overwhelm and what you can do about it.

Are you ready to create more space for peace and joy in your everyday life?
Take my 1-minute quiz to discover how to begin!

Today, I’ve seen so much change in my life, and I now have a process (tools) to help me respond in a healthy way. I’d love to share them with you.

I’ll be back to talk more about stress!

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