The Skin We Are In

As I’m inching closer to forty I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. I’m owning my lines, the years I’ve lived, from the inside out and on the outside with products that help my grooves glow.   As I’m inching closer to forty I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. I’m […]

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A few things . . .

Happy almost Thanksgiving! Here it feels a bit more like Christmas.  We had a huge snowstorm.  I went to bed, Friday night, and woke up to Narnia, on Saturday.   I love the snow around the holidays and I’m hoping I can embrace it all winter long.  The Swedish have saying, “There is no bad weather, […]

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On Looking For Words

I’m looking for words. I know where to find them. They are are huddled up inside my head.  Usually, when I leave them there, they group and they gather.  It’s like they meet for coffee and all discover they haven’t gotten out much and that they might as well just pour out like the steaming cup […]

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Radio Silence

Hello, Lovelies! I’m sorry for the radio silence. This past month and a half have been strange.  I’ve been sick and just haven’t been able to keep up.   Honestly, it hasn’t been a matter of keeping up, It’s more like . . .     letting go.  Letting go of things that weren’t / […]

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Days are Discoveries

What are days for? Life living….Yes!  But, in this day we live in…. they are meant for cramming and jamming with this and that.  They are for getting things done and getting ready for the next.  Days are for doing.  And, quite the opposite, many days are spent dragging.  Pushing through this day, dreaming of […]

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Different And Always The Same

I live in a town where every place has a memory at the ready. This morning it’s a blueberry scone and flavored coffee.  Before Starbucks there was this.  And, even before this, there was the Treat Shop.  I’d ride my royal blue ten speed and buy a taco.  I was ten. Today, I am seventeen.  The taste […]

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Doing the Hard Work

I am doing hard work.  The hard work of life.  Are you working this job, too? Lately, it has been keeping me from e-mails and blogging like the bygone.  My mind feeling a little foggy, but my soul clearer.  Did I unload the dishwasher?  I can’t remember.  But, I am remembering not to carry the whole […]

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Snow, Robes, Crowded & Cozy

it’s a crowded and cozy.  perhaps thats the best kind of description for winter.  the kids don’t get dressed for days, and i wear my robe like a bear wears its fur and extra fat.  we stay in and snuggle until we stir and stir and start acting like bears with a bite.  with no other […]

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