Dear Sister, #5

Dear Sister, THERE IS ENOUGH! __ The sun and moon are sharing the sky, this morning. A little more than half the moon’s face is holding steady in the sky. Partially, peeking through the veil of today. As if slightly stepping out of line–the moon being made of last nights and later todays. Subtle and […]

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Goal As You Go

I want to give you permission to goal as you go. Are you feeling the pressure to pursue it all? Be it all? Squeeze into it all (my pants are so tight right now–please tell me I’m not alone. No seriously, leave me a comment)? If so… read on!   I don’t know about you […]

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Everything will be Alright

A little note for the stressed, the frazzled, the uncertain. RELAX, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. Did you know it actually says this in the Bible? In more than one place (Jude 1, Lamentations 3:57 MSG) Someone, in my life, used to tell me this often and I believed it. I believed it with […]

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Anxiety is Redundant

  I’ve always struggled with fear. It’s been something that I’ve battled since I was a small child. In my teens, I came to understand that fear is not from God. That Jesus paid a great price to free me from all of my fears. I made a decision that fear was not going to have […]

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The Power of Thank You

There is power in “Thank you.” A few ways to bring change and be changed by the words you were taught when you were, likely, two. “Thank you” is for others, but it is also for you. It’s that time of the year. November is the month where we are inundated with reminders to be […]

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Not Sorry

Confessions of an over-apologizer . . . and, why I want to apologize less. ____ I’m trying to apologize less. See, I already want to say “sorry” for even saying, out loud and to the interwebs, that I want to apologize less. “I’m sorry if that sounds brash.” But the thing is, I’ve been an over-apologizer […]

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When Quiet Becomes Loud

Quiet can be so loud. I wonder if you know this too? Quiet can be so loud. It has been a loud summer in which I’ve had to be quiet. Yes, the kids were all kinds of screams and splashing and swimming and swinging and singing. I tried to take it all in–to savor the […]

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There is Always a Choice

  Have you ever felt so completely stuck? Like you are flat out of options. Like choice is a luxury. Me too . . . (this is a re-post from my Instagram. I wanted to share in this space as I know not everyone is following along everywhere).   There are times in life when we […]

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Free Like the 4th of July

On Change. On what has a hold on us. On Freedom. The 4th of July always makes me feel free. Or, at least, it did. Not so much because I’m free from England (I love England almost as much as I love America). But because it always made me feel like a kid–again. For me, childhood, is the […]

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