The Power of Thank You

There is power in “Thank you.”

A few ways to bring change and be changed by the words you were taught when you were, likely, two.

3 Ways to Give Thanks

“Thank you” is for others, but it is also for you.

It’s that time of the year. November is the month where we are inundated with reminders to be grateful and show gratitude. There are downloads and calendars and hashtags to help us . . . I hope not to add noise but a new sound.

I’ve found gratitude to be a practice. (And, I want to practice).

For me, it starts with introspection.

I sit down with a pen and list.

I take a walk and reflect.

I pay attention and notice all of the gifts I have been given.

This practice, almost always, COMPELS me to action.

Most frequently my response to gratefulness is spoken…. a quiet, “Thank You, God” that wells up out of my soul and is whispered through the corners of my mouth.


There is power in “Thank you”.

It turns every day into a gift. (I find myself saying thank you for things I used to look past)

It shifts a whisper to a shout (When it overwhelms you, it overflows)

There is power in “Thank You!”

It clears the view, from problem to provision.

It multiplies; it makes something out of nothing.

It encourages, uplifts, and honors others (some who may be most weary).

It shifts attitudes.

I brightens dark days.

It ushers in peace and secures a sound mind (Philippians 4:6-7)

There is power in “Thank you!”


Wherever you find yourself today, I encourage you to give thanks. If you are overwhelmed with gratitude, let it overflow. If you are broken and burdened, whisper thanks for your breath–tell God your troubles and thank Him that He has the answers and allow Him to be your peace.

There is power in “Thank you!”


Today is a difficult day for me. And, on these kinds of days, my tendency is to get quiet and to keep to myself. However, I’ve experienced the power of “Thank You.”

So, I’m pulling out this pretty heart card (pictured above) and telling a special someone I’m grateful for them. I’m whispering, thank you to God and I think I’ll shout it, too. I’ll tell him my troubles and thank him for the provision (before I ever see it).

“Thank you” changes things.

If you want to show gratitude and need the power of “Thank you”  . . . here are a few practical ways to practice.



01 / Say it . . . Use Your Words.

If there is one thing I tell my kids over and again it is that there is power in their words. We have the choice to speak life or death. (Proverbs 18:21 MSG,  tells us “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit–you choose.”). Hurtful words can destroy a person. However, kind, encouraging words can change the course of a person’s life.

Write a thank you note. I’m a big believer in thank you notes when gifts are given. I wonder why we don’t  write a thank you note to acknowledge a gift given that wasn’t wrapped in paper but, rather, in love. Thank you to a former teacher who saw greatness in you. Thank you to a friend who stuck by your side through a time when you felt completely alone. Thank you to your grandmother who took you to church as a child. Thank you to your parents for loving you unconditionally. Thank you to your spouse for making your coffee every morning. You get the idea.

Thank you’s don’t always have to be written. Most words we use are spoken. What about speaking thanks or encouraging word to those closest to you (those are the ones we most often overlook. I’m so guilty of this). How many times do I withhold a simple compliment? Not intentionally or to be withholding but just because I think the person already knows how I feel or because I quickly move on to what needs to be done. What if we gave a compliment or uplifting word, every day, to those we live with? It feels like a tall order but, I feel compelled to try.

02 / Give Beauty.

Have you ever given someone flowers for no reason at all but to say “I love you” or “I’m thinking of you” or “I hope these cheer you up, today.” I believe beauty is a cure to pain (so much so that I wrote a book about it. Be sure to sign up–here–for a soon coming announcement and sneak peek).

Of course, it doesn’t have to be flowers. It could be a pretty little pastry. A box of tea. A book of poems. A little-unexpected something that shows another that they are thought of.

03 / Ask, “What can I do for you today?”

Ask someone this question. Or don’t ask and just pay attention. Pay attention to the needs (and even desires of those around you).

My daughter has been texting me images of food (recipes) from Pinterest, almost daily. Which is consequently, always the day after I’ve been to the grocery store. Today it was Chicken Caesar Wraps, Beef and Broccoli and then a line that read, “can you make that big cookie in ur cool pan?” I’m assuming she is referring to an iron skillet cookie I made a few years back. I’m pretty sure I could make this happen.

Has your mom been stressed about getting her yard cleaned up before winter? Has your little one been asking to play a game of Uno? Does that older lady at the grocery look like she needs help loading her groceries?

Notice the gifts. Pay attention. Take action. Say Thank you!

The Power of Thank You | La La Lovely Blog

Ella will likely be disappointed when she finds we are having frozen lasagna for dinner….but, I’m hoping she won’t notice after she has had her big cookie in my cool pan.

Off to dig out the iron skillet, pay attention, and say thank you!


Thank you changes other’s but it also changes you.

This is the power of thank you.


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