Dear Sister, #5

Dear Sister,



The sun and moon are sharing the sky, this morning.

A little more than half the moon’s face is holding steady in the sky. Partially, peeking through the veil of today. As if slightly stepping out of line–the moon being made of last nights and later todays.

Subtle and demure.

Steady and sure.


The sun, on the other side, bright and toasty–rising rather quickly, heating my arms and face through the paned, bedroom window. My freckles pop like popcorn.

I contemplate the sun. Of it’s assured rising and setting. It feels as if the moon moves differently, in patterns of return and retreat. Yet, we understand the moon, and it’s counterparts, move in circles. It’s, rather, fascinating to know that the moon orbits the earth, while the earth orbits the sun–they do move a little differently, after all. Yet, both rise and set, like our days, like our lives.

I love it when the two share the sky. When my eyes get a glimpse of two spheres of light, in one single span of sky–both sun and moon. It’s magic. And it reminds me to believe.

Light is not mutually exclusive.


I think of the word both.

both [bhoth]
1.  one and the other; two together:


I think of how we hold many forms of both . . . everyday.

both abundance and lack

both pain and beauty

both gratitude and grief

both longing and fulfillment

both work and rest

both belief and doubt

both surrender and victory

Recently I read a simple passage in Isaiah:

“Give thanks to the lord and ask him for more!”
-Isaiah 12:4 TPT

Such a beautiful both.

Daily, we find ourselves with both much to give thanks for and much we are still in need of.

What have you been given?
Give Thanks!

What do you need?
Ask for more!


Enough love

Enough hope

Enough energy

Enough grace

Enough goodness

Enough joy

Enough provision

Enough strength

Enough healing

Enough light

Sun and moon

in your morning sky


Should you find your sky clouded with no view of sun nor moon
–he is light, there is no darkness in him (1 John 1:15).

And if, scarcity be hispering (yes, hispering–a hissing whisper) in your ear, it’s not God nor goodness
–he is a God of more than enough (2 Corinthians 9:8-11).

Abundance or lack
Cloudy or clear
Give thanks, Dear Heart,
and ask for more.


Loads of Love,


P.S. What kinds of “both” have you been holding recently? 

Perhaps, today you need to speak the words–out loud


Maybe, you need to write them out and tack them on the wall where you gaze during your day.

Giving thanks and confession is the fastest way to quiet any kind of hisper.


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