Expecting Love

To all the lonely hearts. Loneliness doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or together. Married or single. Young or old. Today is the day where together is celebrated, a holiday for having someone. If you do not have a “someone,” then I estimate that you probably don’t like this day. Today is a […]

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Your Purpose is a Path

The other day I had the privilege of talking to a group of twenty-somethings. We talked about purpose and calling and destiny and if there is a difference. We talked about our lives being poetry.  Because, after all, isn’t that what we want–for our lives to speak?   I thought I’d share a few things […]

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Letting Go to Grow

The summer sky was clear and faintly decorated with a few pillow-like clouds. The kind you believe you could walk on, but settle for making figures out of them, instead. Ella and I were driving to the airport. The one that takes forever to get to. She was the radio DJ and I was the […]

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Before the House Wakes

Before the house wakes I gingerly shimmy out of bed, tip-toe into the kitchen, trying to step around the creaks and toy cars, to make my cup of decaf. I sigh, every single day, in remembrance of caffeine and it’s magical ability to take the edge off of morning and myself. I let nostalgia pass as I pour my hazelnut […]

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What We Do Have

I’m not so sure why it’s so easy to cast our attention on what we do not have, rather than what we do have? On the problem and all that is going wrong rather than what is good and right. And I’m not really talking about things here. I’m talking more relationally and maybe a little […]

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On Growth

On growth feeling like a never ending process that is taking you nowhere…. Read on, lovelies! On growth feeling like a never ending process that is taking you nowhere…. Read on, lovelies! Growth is a funny thing.  I always feel like it happens when we go and when we do.  I look at the word: GROWTH […]

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Offering Your Voice

Sometimes I feel I have nothing to offer. Not even as a mother. My voice feels small. Lost in all the noise. And I think, “Should I even speak?” “Is it a waste of breath?” “Of space?” I know it sounds dramatic, but I know some of you feel the same way, think the same […]

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