Liam Brave, Age 8

There are some things people do not tell you about being a mother. And then there are the things they tell you over and over again . . . I lost track of how many times other’s have told me that “it all goes so fast.” Sometimes I would just tune it out, because while you are […]

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An “I’m Bored” Summer

“I’m Bored!” Are you hearing these words on the daily? Read on . . . “I’m bored.” “Can I have a snack?” ___ Are you hearing these words on the regular? On the regular would mean approximately 232 times for me, each day. Ok, so I exaggerate, ever so slightly. But according to my Math […]

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Rocco Royal, Age 6

A birthday tribute to my youngest and on what he is teaching me. I think about that May day you were born. I went to a reflexology appointment and within hours had to head to the hospital. You came quick, but what you’ve taught me is to slow down. With each year, as you grow […]

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Ella, Age 14

Here we are at fourteen, my not so little La La. I never believed them when they said, “the days are long, but the years are short.” I’m believing now. I’m believing and I’m wishing that I could do three months and two and six and seven and ten all over again with you. But […]

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Extra Time and Playing With Food

For the moms that are crafty in their heads and not so much with their hands (Yeah, that’s me too!) . . . Read on for the easiest after school craft you ever did see. And the best part is you can toss the supplies in your cart at your next trip to the grocery […]

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Luke, Age 11

You and me. This past year when I’ve looked at your face I’ve seen mine. Not mine now, but mine then. Chipmunk cheeks, a gap-toothed grin, freckles sprinkled across a button nose. It’s strange and amazing to look at the kid you never saw in the mirror. You and me. This past year when I’ve […]

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Our Pseudo Summer

The last few weeks have felt like pseudo summer. Living in the half relax. It feels like summer, but it doesn’t. We swim. We play outside. We eat ice cream. Pseudo isn’t just for summer. It’s for any season of life where you find yourself transitioning from this to that. Or where you find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting.

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Letting Go to Grow

The summer sky was clear and faintly decorated with a few pillow-like clouds. The kind you believe you could walk on, but settle for making figures out of them, instead. Ella and I were driving to the airport. The one that takes forever to get to. She was the radio DJ and I was the […]

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Where Your Feet Take You

I wonder where your feet will take you this week? I wonder what your week will entail? Do you ever spend too much timer wondering or worrying that you forget to wander? You forget to let those painted toes test out the waters because you’ve been planning your every step?     Some weeks have to be […]

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