Where Your Feet Take You


I wonder where your feet will take you this week? I wonder what your week will entail?

Do you ever spend too much timer wondering or worrying that you forget to wander? You forget to let those painted toes test out the waters because you’ve been planning your every step?



Some weeks have to be over planned. This week is one of those for us. Baseball starts tonight for two and school ends for all by weeks end. We have two games, kindergarten graduation, voice practice and a voice recital. Some of these things are on the same night. If I let my mind get ahead of my feet, I am in Thursday instead of today. I’m replaying over and over how each day will likely go and how I’ll get to the other side of the week. This usually get’s me missing all kinds of moments in the middle. and meddling with worry. And I can’t be missing these middle moments because they are big ones like graduation and recitals and first baseball games ever.

My camera is charging, but I’m hoping to record with my heart. The sounds, the sights, the smells, the smiles, the squeals, the chubby little grip around the baseball bat, the sparkle under the miniature cap, the voice singing from the sounds of the heart.

Maybe, if we must over plan this week, we can un-plan to worry? Worry how it will all get done. Worry if we will miss an important detail. Worry if our kids will remember how hurried and harried we can be. It will all get done. You will probably forget something (I know I will). And your kids will remember how much you love them.

I wonder where your feet will take you this week? I wonder what your eyes and heart will capture to keep forever? I wonder what kind of moments we will both find in the middle? I hope between first and lasts and schedules and shows that we both can find a few minutes to wander and dip our painted toes in the water.

Here is to a worry free, one day at a time, watching all the good stuff kind of week.

P.S. These are my favorite summer sandals for wandering around- comfy and cute!


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