Extra Time and Playing With Food


For the moms that are crafty in their heads and not so much with their hands

(Yeah, that’s me too!) . . .

Read on for the easiest after school craft you ever did see. And the best part is you can toss the supplies in your cart at your next trip to the grocery store!


It’s Thursday and the kids are off school. Tomorrow, obviously, is Friday and again the kid’s are off school. It’s parent-teacher conferences. To be honest, I could go for a little noise in the house (I may erase this line come Christmas break) and a lot of laughter. I’m glad for the company at the end of this week.

But it’s getting cold out and staying indoors means making messes, watching movies, and picking fights, because that’s what brother’s do. And so, I’m thinking about other options for time occupation.

There is the Apple Orchard, and we do need apples. There is coloring. There is playing outside (at least for a bit before the chill bites too hard). There is always a craft.

I confessed before that I am not crafty. I mean, In my head I am….everywhere else, not so much. And when I have to be, I usually enlist the help of my most crafty friend, Kendell. Now, this craft as you can see is one I can manage on my own. So two cheers for that! This summer camp Kendell was in full swing and I came home to these darling geometric houses.

With a two simple grocery store items, she had the kids occupied and creating for quite some time.


If you’ve got some extra time, let the kid’s play with food!



*Spaghetti Noodles
*Marshmallows (and bonus points if you get the pretty pastel colored ones)

I N S T R U C T I O N S 

*Open both packages and let the kids go to town.



So easy right? Perhaps the easiest after school or no school day craft, evahhhhh!

So tomorrow on the way home from the orchard I may be popping in the grocery store for spaghetti and marshmallows – who knew it could be the perfect pairing?

And, if I’m feeling extra crafty – not just in my head -I think I’ll go for a painting a pumpkin or two, too.

Do you consider yourself a crafty person? And, how often do you do crafts with your kids?

If you have any fun and simple projects like this, share in the comments!

Happy Weekend! xo


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