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The last few weeks have felt like pseudo summer. Living in the half relax. It feels like summer, but it doesn’t. We swim. We play outside. We eat ice cream. And, then we spend equal amounts of time at Doctor’s offices and stores stocking up. Ella needs braces and Rocco needs glasses. I need a second opinion for both. We tired in trying on clothes to see what still fits and what we grew out of. Legs grew longer than the weeds this sticky summer. We made it through shots without any tears, which was a first in my thirteen years of motherhood. We stayed up late and thought, with contempt, about how, in days, we’d be getting up early, again.

This is what I call pseudo summer.

The long days, late mornings and twist cones trick us into thinking it will never end, but school supplies, shots and sports practices tell us otherwise.

Every year I’m racing the clock to get all of the “to dos” that need doing done. I don’t call it procrastination, I call it . . .


prolonging. Prolonging the easy pace and the pounding sunshine that warms our bodies and our hungry hearts.

Do you do this too? 

Before Target sold out of notebooks and dry erase markers we bought our mountain of supplies. Not having to go to several school supplies stores was a first. I tried to space out appointments like I space out snacks from dinner…unsuccessful at both. We played during the day, selling rocks on the street corner, and at night we picked out new uniforms. Friends came over to swim, last Friday, and we all dried off and went to the back to school kick off.

We did our best this season of pseudo summer.

The transition of summer to school (and school to summer) has always made me short of breath. Transitions always trip me up, even when I prepare for them. Probably because I feel like we are living somewhere between. Between summer and school. Between carefree and responsibility. Maybe this is what pseudo summer is? Living in the in between. It’s still summer break but you are rushing to get ready for school. School has now started, but the weather makes us wonder. It looks, smells and tastes like summer, still.

As of this week, we get up early, pick our cereal, pack our lunches and rush out the door. After school, we change into shorts, ride bikes, plunge into the pool and raid the freezer to see if there is any ice cream for dessert.

Ice Cream | La La Lovely

La La Lovely Blog

There is time in transition.

There is so much life to be lived in the “in between.”

It is where carefree shakes hands with responsibility. Where fun collides with serious. Where rest balances with work. Where being greets doing. Where dancing gives way to running. Where life is and life does. There is so much life to be lived in the “in between.” It’s where the sweetest stuff is sandwiched; between the last season and the next.

Pseudo isn’t just for summer. It’s for any season of life where you find yourself transitioning from this to that. Or where you find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting. Waiting for invetibable change. Sure change, even though you might not have a first day of school date.

While you prepare I hope you play. Take care of business in the day, then stay up late watching movies that make you laugh until you cry. When you have to get back on a schedule I hope you schedule yourself some unscheduled time.

While you are waiting for life, I hope you live it.

I may jump in the pool, today, before pick up. There will be homework, but there will also be bikes and basketball shorts. And after dinner, you can bet that there will be ice cream.



  • Cynthia
    Commented on August 26th, 2016 at 11:07am

    Love this. You are so right to squeeze every drop out of summer! One of my favorite memories from back-to-school preparation was scheduling a weekend away to do it all. I took my boys to Portland (no sales tax) and we just shopped it out and stayed in a fancy hotel, watched movies and ordered room service. So fun.

  • Trina
    Commented on August 26th, 2016 at 1:59pm

    I absolutely love this! This sounds like the absolute best way to do back to school. In my opinion, fancy hotels, movies and room service make everything better. xo .t

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