There is Always a Choice


Have you ever felt so completely stuck?

Like you are flat out of options. Like choice is a luxury.

Me too . . .

There is always a choice

(this is a re-post from my Instagram. I wanted to share in this space as I know not everyone is following along everywhere).


There are times in life when we feel completely stuck. Limbs heavy in mud and mire. Left without choice and possibly within a rotten circumstance. (Sometimes this comes by way of choices we’ve made, yet many times it has nothing to do with our choosing. Don’t be quick to judge someone’s circumstance by what you see or think you know).

I have felt the lethargy of no choice for most of the summer in a very real way. The other day I was out running because I needed movement for my limbs but even more for my mind. All gaspy I told the Lord that I felt trapped (and probably…that it wasn’t fair) and in His kind fatherly way I felt he said …

“And yet everything is a choice.”

Love is a choice.
Forgiveness is a choice.
Noticing beauty is a choice.
Living in today is a choice.
Taking a shower is a choice .
Smiling is a choice.

I don’t know your circumstance. But I may know how you feel. I’ve been kind of silent over here because summer has been loud and THIS has been my work–choosing. I felt compelled, today, to share that whether trapped or stuck or everything the same–we always have a choice.

We may FEEL like we are going nowhere, however I’ve lived long enough to know that choosing forgiveness, joy, beauty, love, laughter, (and even a shower when you don’t feel like it) takes you exactly to where you are supposed to be at the right time. They make your life a movement.

Choose well, Lovely Ones.

Have you ever felt so stuck that you felt you were left without a choice? Sometimes the littlest choices (joy, forgiveness, etc.) bring about the greatest change–perhaps not to your circumstances, but always to you (which I’d bet will, in due time, change your circumstance).


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