Doing the Hard Work

I am doing hard work.  The hard work of life.  Are you working this job, too? Lately, it has been keeping me from e-mails and blogging like the bygone.  My mind feeling a little foggy, but my soul clearer.  Did I unload the dishwasher?  I can’t remember.  But, I am remembering not to carry the whole […]

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Snow, Robes, Crowded & Cozy

it’s a crowded and cozy.  perhaps thats the best kind of description for winter.  the kids don’t get dressed for days, and i wear my robe like a bear wears its fur and extra fat.  we stay in and snuggle until we stir and stir and start acting like bears with a bite.  with no other […]

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wearing eleanor

the other day, i put my grandma’s ring on; wiggled it around my finger.  and, then found myself reaching for a pair of her earrings.  the ones with the signature clasp that she always wore.  my earrings have backs, hers circled around and met together.  i’ve been known to adorn my ears with these earrings […]

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quitting your day

do you ever just quit your day?  before it can quit you. i’m learning to give myself permission to do just that. sitting down for a day, instead of sitting out on life. when life feels too heavy, why not just drop it?  drop everything. because, sometimes nothing and everything matter all at once. at […]

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winter weight

winter weight.  clearly, this would sound like i’m talking about actual physical, i ate way too much, kind of weight.  the polar vortex pounds, i may or may not still be carrying around from last year, kind of weight.  but, ponder beyond the pounds with me, because i’m referring to the heaviness that is sometimes […]

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disconnectedly connecting

do you ever feel disconnected, and so you over connect?  as in over connect online?  as in scroll through instagram or facebook looking at the same photos repetitively while repetitively you are looking for something . . . more? i’ve noticed i’ve developed this habit when i’m feeling a little less than.  less than myself.  less than a wife.  less than a […]

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memories sweeter than moments

i had been waiting weeks, minutes, a whole year to take my little guys to ride thomas the train.  as in a real train.  somehow i missed that there was this thomas the train festival deal only 40 minutes my from my home that happened every year.  my youngest have never been on a train and who wouldn’t […]

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running, runners and life livers

running, runners, and life livers. you guys, i’m running.  this obsessive walker has been pounding the pavement. i’ve hated running as long as i could remember. last time i ran was jr. high when i joined the track team.  i joined to hang out with my friends and mostly because the boy i liked was on the […]

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living in the moments

summer is not proving to be as restful as i had hoped.  anyone else?  kids sleeping in a bit and sneaking in some time to read, study and have some quiet time in the morning is glorious, but after that it is straight up crazytown.  and, it seems our schedule feels that way too.  it’s interesting because […]

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