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Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Here it feels a bit more like Christmas.  We had a huge snowstorm.  I went to bed, Friday night, and woke up to Narnia, on Saturday.   I love the snow around the holidays and I’m hoping I can embrace it all winter long.  The Swedish have saying, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”  I’m trying to adopt this motto since it feels like I live in the North Pole.  Actually, the town I live in has a large Swedish population and has a sister city in Sweden.  So, I’m going with it….starting with these boots.  I have warm boots, but I haven’t had boots that I could wear in the snow.  This year, I decided, that I wanted to be able to talk walks outside all year long.  I love staying in a snow globe home, when the snow comes down, but there is also something to be said for going out in the snow right after it has covered the earth.  It’s like a supersonic quiet comes and covers all the noise.  I don’t want to just watch the quiet this year, I want to be in it.  Where the only sound you hear is your boot crinkling on the white snow.  I need to add to my snow gear, but this is where I’ve started.  Do you have any favorite cold weather clothes?

The snow will probably melt today, or tomorrow, and maybe Thanksgiving will feel more like Thanksgiving after all, but for today we are taking advantage of the white powder from the sky with our cousins from Atlanta, who don’t get to play in snow like this very often.  Today, it is play and tomorrow it is Thanksgiving prep.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Thanks these past few weeks, and while I’m glad to have one day where we gather, and give thanks together, more than ever, I want to live a life of Thanks.  I want to grow in gratitude this year.  Not as a formality but as foundation in my life.  I’ve been focusing on things that I normally overlook and giving thanks for them and in doing that something in my heart and in my mind is changing.  It’s clearing out mental cobwebs and expanding the home of my heart.  I’m giving and I’m growing.  When I give thanks with my mouth I have less time or space for worry.

Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies.  I hope you will join me in growing in gratitude this year.

xo. Trina

P.S.  Are you doing any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping?  Shopbop (one of my favorite online spots to shop) is starting their sale today!  This is where I got my new snow boots.   If I had a Christmas party to go to I’d be wearing this black dress and these green shoes and maybe these earrings.  And, a few more faves . . .




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