Days are Discoveries

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What are days for?

Life living….Yes!  But, in this day we live in…. they are meant for cramming and jamming with this and that.  They are for getting things done and getting ready for the next.  Days are for doing.  And, quite the opposite, many days are spent dragging.  Pushing through this day, dreaming of the next, and the next, or 100 days away that holds a promise of something that was planned for.

Days are for discovering.

Today is a day, like never before or none to come.


No matter how routine your days may seem, there is some thing, and many little things that will not be the same.  The way the sun sets is wildly different, even though it repeats routinely in the same kind of way.  The colors are colored uniquely at the end of each day. The way your baby giggles will grow.  And, the music you play today may make a different melody tomorrow.  Discover the little differences if everything feels too much the same.

Days are discoveries, and some days we don’t discover what a day brings, until it is good and gone.

Days gone by are discoveries, not done, dead or distant things.  If your days have been dragging or have felt all kinds of death; don’t despise them, look to see what you can discover from them.  Yesterday can inform us, today, and instruct us for tomorrow.  Discover how you dealt with things and how you made it through what was dealt to you.  Discover the strength you never knew that you had.  Discover the good that will come of the bad.  Discover that days, just as one, or many packed as years, don’t always go as planned.  That all the work dreaming, cramming and jamming and getting things done can take a turn in a direction we never thought of.  Sometimes for good, and sometimes for sad.  Discover that no matter what a day brings, sunshine or rain, you’ll be able to stand.

This day is for discovering beauty in and around our routines.

This day is for discovering what yesterday wanted us to learn.

This day is for discovering that busy doesn’t always mean productive and figuring out the right “to do’s.”

This day is for discovering what dreams you have for tomorrow.


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