Life Lately & the Launch

Anyone remember when blogging used to entail updates on life and was not all “10 Steps to This or That?” Well, I’m going old school today and just giving a little life update and sharing some photos from the La La Lovely Book Launch.

The night before the book was released we had a little party with friends and family at a local place called The Standard. It was pretty special because some of the photos in the book were shot at The Standard (a whole year prior–the book process is a very long process), so it was fun to have a full circle moment and to also celebrate with some of the talented individuals that collaborated on the design elements of the book.

Isn’t the space gorgeous? 

My friend Lori’s floral and design store, London Avenue Designs did all of the beautiful floral arrangements.

Liam and Rocco were trying to sign everyone’s books. When I looked and saw them sitting at the table (and the kind ones that let them actually sign their copies) my heart melted. It was one of my favorite memories for that night and probably for always.

My dear friend Anna-Lisa made sure every detail was lovely and my lovely friend Kirsten, a.k.a Simply Grove flew in from Boise to host the night (You may remember, she helped me style my family room a few years back). Kirsten and I met through blogging, years and years ago and instantly became IRL friends.

The night was super special and I wish I could do it all over again so I could take in every detail. It was a bit of a beautiful blurrrrrrrr.

The next morning Stephen and I took off for Nashville.

I caught up with my friend’s at ABLE and toured their amazing facility. I’ve been partnering with ABLE for years … to see how they have grown and the jobs that they provide (right there in Nashville) for women that have overcome was so beautiful.

That night we had a Q Conference Pre-Event and book signing at the ABLE Flagship store.

It was pretty spesh because my bestie Rebekah hosted the evening.

The next day was Q Women and I had the honor to talk about Finding Beauty.

These were just a few of the amazing woman that I got to serve alongside that day.
(Mo Isom, Rebekah Lyons, Lisa Bevere, Wynter Pitts, Brittany Batson)

I also was able to share on an Authors and Publishers Panel, hosted by Annie F. Downs.

I absolutely loved being at Q Conference (If you are not familiar with Q you can check it out here). It’s such a unique conference and environment. While I did go to speak, I mostly went as a student. To sit and listen and learn. And, I did learn. Q stands for questions and, interestingly enough, one thing I’m learning and observing in life is that wise people aren’t the ones that are always talking…they are the ones asking questions!  I’m still thinking through some of the talks that I heard there….the conversations that I had. I was challenged not only in my thinking but my heart.

After returning home, I kind of collapsed.

Since the end of February….we moved, updated this website, launched a new website, took the kid’s on Spring Break, came home for a week and then launched the book.

That’s why I’ve been a little quiet in this space.

This week, I’m trying to find my footing. It’s been all adrenaline getting through some major changes and now here I am learning to settle in and soar. If ever it’s felt like a new season it’s now and yet this morning I’m finding some things still very much the same. Isn’t that life? We are so afraid of change (at least I am!) and then when it happens, when the shock of it all evaporates, there we are. I am still me. You are still you.

So I’m sitting in this space this week.

The settling. The soaring. The same.

Have you ever experienced this? I’d love to hear about it.

I’m also hoping to share more on the book in the coming days and weeks….because I very much believe in the message of it. I believe that there is beauty in each and every day….I believe we all long for beauty because beauty was at the beginning. We have an innate longing for life as it should be–as it was created to be. Yet we find ourselves in unfortunate situations, heartbreak, crisis–where we are left thinking…. “It’s not supposed to be this way.” You’re right, it’s not. There was not supposed to be heartbreak and death and divorce and sickness. But hope remains. Even when it feels lost or like it left us. THERE IS HOPE. All will be beautiful again. This is why I want to keep sharing….because hope found me, and beauty (original and eternal) became an answer when my life unraveled.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of La La Lovely . . . it’s currently for sale on Amazon, BN & at Target it’s only $14.71 (+ your Red Card discount).

If you have gotten the book, I’d love to hear how you are liking it (I’d be over the moon if you’d leave a review on Amazon or wherever you may have purchased).

Happy Week, Lovelies . . .In the settling. The soaring. The same!


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