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Bathroom | la la Lovely

I think my subconscious is dreaming of relaxation.  How pretty is this bathroom and how great is the shape of this tub?  I’m blessed to  have a beautiful bathroom and tub at my house but I just don’t seem to find the time use it.  Today, I’m oohing and ahhing over a few beautiful bathrooms and sending relaxing thoughts your way!

Bathroom 2 | la la Lovely

Have you thought about brass in the bathroom?  I happen to have a bit of brass in my bathroom….a relic of the 90’s.   And although, I’ve wanted to rid my space of it, for some time, I happen to find the brass hardware in this bathroom absolutely gorgeous.

bathroom 3 | la la Lovely

I love pretty much everything about this bathroom.  Especially the gorgeous bathtub.

Sometimes all we need is a few little updates to enjoy a space.  In the bathroom, why not, change out a faucet or light fixture?  Or simply add a few pretty candles, a stack of your favorite books, a cute new chair or even a little basket for collecting towels or magazines?  Even a pretty new soap can sometimes make a world of difference to me.

Here is to finding a bit of time to relax in the midst of the crazy holiday rush!

images : Style Files /New York Times Pinterest



  • Kecia
    Commented on December 19th, 2012 at 1:54pm

    Love that second bathroom!


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