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sometimes you just stumble upon something that leads to another something and gets you thinking about a lot of things.  this house happened and thoughts began to abound abound.  i saved the above photo from pinterest, as i do.  there is a whole lot of whole “ness” going on in the photo.  likley an english country side house.  a home covered in ivy and memories with all kinds of windows open ushering in the wind and sky painted the same hue of blue.  a window you can pass food right through to your inside looking outside table.  i started imagining the conversations that could happen there and the laughter that likey ensues.  there was so much goodness grasping my attention that i didn’t even notice the dog.  the kind that surely guards your home and your heart and makes any house a home.  the photograph did the talking, no words spoken or written to read.  i clicked on, hoping for more and i found it (thank you selby).   i found a house crush, like i normally do.  it wasn’t a “i like that room”, “i like that arrangement,” and an “i like those blooms blooming here and there and everywhere.”  it was an, “i’ve stumbled upon a soul home.”  and while, i love all white, and clean and crisp . . . what i love even more is a home that has not only soul but a soul.


i clicked on to find out more, (my sister calls me a google whore – i know i know) and come to find, amanda brooks the owner of this soul home was the former fashion director at barneys who has a blog.  she is the kind that left all of that for all of this, all because of a little inspiration from another blogger, ree drummond (you know, the pioneer woman).

want to see more?


tea and toast are warmed under these beams and old lights.  dinner prepared.  life arranged and eaten up.



a fort, playhouse, clubhouse or getaway.  words probably scribbled and scribed into the walls marking up the mile markers.


pattern on pattern is like chocolate sauce on chocolate ice cream.  good on good.


little details are the biggest details.


and, a pig with an underbite because what home would be a home, soul home, or even a house without one of those.


does your home have a soul?  and by soul, i mean character, charm, a story, marked memories that make it magical.   i’d love to know.

p . s. you can see more of the home here and here.

images / the selby



  • Nancie Nelson Bartly
    Commented on April 3rd, 2014 at 11:47am

    Sitting here under three inches of beautiful snow (with more to come) and absolutely drooling over these photos. What I woluld do to have those arched windows….. Sigh. You find the most lovely places.

  • Trina
    Commented on April 7th, 2014 at 2:03pm

    snow!!!!!! has it melted? i’m finally seeing some green pop up in the ground here. it is the promise that spring is really really coming! i know those windows! i can’t get them out of my head! xo .t

  • Letitia Elizabeth
    Commented on April 7th, 2014 at 10:56am

    I cannot believe that is someone’s home! How lovely!

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