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do you have home resolutions?  i didn’t really think of them until i read kirsten’s post the other day.

i mean, i have things that i’d like to accomplish this year that pertain to my home.  one being that i want to purchase a new couch.  there is the saving and then the deciding.  sometimes the latter takes me longer than the first.  and as much as it is a want and kind of a need i don’t feel a huge rush to cross this one off my list (in fact, if it comes down to something like a trip or an experience i usually always put the needed item off.  experiences are kind of priceless to me).

but back to home resolutions.  i thought i’d share mine as design and decor are kind of big thing her on la la.


first things first, and  that is i want to make my home an enjoyable place to be.  you probably know that i live in my childhood home, by now, but over and over again, when people came into our home through the years they  would always comment on what a great home we had.  not because it was decorated in some spectacular way, it was just inviting, always open and people seemed to feel relaxed and rested when they were here.  once in awhile i’ll get that same compliment and it just makes me smile because it is like this home has a soul (well, at least i might believe that it does) and it’s personality is relaxation.  of course, life doesn’t feel so relaxed these days but i want to make sure that i am working towards making our home relaxed and peaceful, first and foremost, for those that live here and then for those that come by for a visit.

and this brings me to number two, which is to entertain friends and family more.  not in a martha stewart kind of way, but in an impromptu, let’s get together, kind of way.  i’ll be the first to admit that as i’m learning more about me, i am finding out that i am a bit of an introvert and i really relish quiet alone time at home (i don’t know maybe that just has to do with having 4 little kids). however,  i just want to be more open to enjoying our home with friends and family than going through my daily, like clockwork, routine and missing out memories that are to be made.


lastly, i want to be a better stylist in my own home.  i sometimes hold off on hanging things i’ve bought or arranging bookshelves, etc. i have a tendency to not change things up very often and in not changing things up , i must subconsciously think that when i decide to put something somewhere or decorate something a certain way than it has to stay that way for a very long time and so i better get it right.  and then freeze.  i have the ideas. its the implementation.  well, whatever.  i’m just going to play around.  decorate little corners.  create little moments.  live with them for awhile and then maybe change them, if i’m not crazy about them.  no big deal right (well only that of maybe filling a few holes and painting a bit).


what about you?  if you have any goals for your home, i’d love to hear them.

p.s. have any of you named your home?  i always adored the notion of a home having a name, like many do in england and other countries.  it always sounded so magical, quaint, and well, soulful.  i decided to name my home, a few years back, since it feels like part of my family.  want to know the name?  McKinscastle.  it’s actually a combination of 3 names.  my name – McNeilly.  my maiden name – tompkins. and my grandfathers name – hardcastle.  do any of your homes have names?  i always want to include McKindscaslte in my return address when writing but think it may be a little much.  except for when writing my sister of course.

images of emily henderson’s office which i adore.  all images via the everygirl.



  • Nancie B
    Commented on January 11th, 2013 at 2:00pm

    Our house does not have a name- although “Fleeting Dollars” might be an appropriate one as everything seems to be breaking these days.
    Our Colorado cabin is Mad Deer Cabin- named because my daughter swears a deer tried to attack her the first time we looked at it.
    I really wanted it to be Mad Deer Lodge- sounds so grand for a 1600 sq ft log cabin- but I couldn’t get anyone else to go along with it.
    My teenage daughters are horrified whenever I refer to it as Mad Deer Cabin- “stupid, mom, it’s just the cabin”.

  • Trina
    Commented on January 11th, 2013 at 11:01pm

    i think my homes middle name is “fleeting dollars,” — i love it. And Mad Deer Cabin is great. Even though your daughters make fun of it they will have fun teling stories about it in years to come… those are the best kind of memories ;) xo

  • B. Beary
    Commented on January 11th, 2013 at 6:49pm

    First time comment!! I am in complete agreement w/ all of the above. Most times I’m worried that my house is too small or too messy to allow anyone to possibly step inside and that’s just silliness. I need to embrace what is uniquely “Beary” about my sweet chateau.

  • Trina
    Commented on January 11th, 2013 at 11:00pm

    i have a feeling your home is lovely. and others always view our homes through different eyes… i always forget this! here is to welcoming others in more! ps – i’ll come visit – xo

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